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- David Hatcher Childress :: Your host and unofficial Mayor of Kempton, Illinois. -

May 27th 2006
Updated March 15th 2007

(OK... took a year longer than we thought to get our ducks in a row... C'est la vie! That's Hollywood!!! RC)

Dear friends,

Is there a far out adventure waiting for you in Kempton, home to the World Explorers Club (WEX) and Adventures Unlimited Press? About 60 minutes South of Chicago is a little town called Kempton lost in the cornfields. In a few weeks renowned world explorer David Hatcher Childress (spoofed on a recent South Park) will be turning the whole town of Kempton into a movie set!

"The Dupont Monster" will be the first of what is slated to be many feature films to come. About a local Big Foot legend, it will be shot in Kempton and the nearby town of Seneca.

Adventures Unlimited is hosting open auditions for actors, models, set designers, stylists, costumers, artists, camera operators, etc... Anyone interested in joining the cast and crew of players is invited down to Kempton to participate in the production of what will soon be one of the busiest movie studio lots in the Chicago area.

Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP) is the most successful alternative publishing house in the country, with its own magazine and online bookstore, over 200 titles in print found at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other major booksellers.

True bibliophiles can also visit affiliated Adventures Unlimited bookstores around the world! They have three locations in the United States: Kempton, Illinois; Roswell, New Mexico and Cottonwood, Arizona; plus bookstores in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Glastonbury and Liverpool in the United Kingdom; and in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

The flagship bookstore is at "One Adventure Place" in the heart of Kempton, a tiny town sitting astride an abandoned rail line. During good weather the streets are crowded with locals driving electric golf cars and riding lawn mowers! Crime is unknown here.

The hundred-year-old railway freight station is still standing, barely, but is missing most of its roof. Two churches bracket this slightly more than one block of businesses. On the other side ball fields meld into cornfields and silos. Behind the school is the century old cemetery. Looking down on the town is the tall Skyblue water tower.

At the corner of First and Main Streets, you find the AUP bookstore. Across First Street is Sgt. Pepper's Bar and Grill and The Peppermill Restaurant.

There are murals on three buildings covering six walls. On the AUP building is a depiction of the Giza Plateau with its pyramids and the Sphinx. Across from it on Sgt. Pepper's is a modern rendering of the Beatles's album cover. Behind Sgt. Pepper's is the Tiki Deck, a delightful outdoor dining area and Beer Garden with a sprawling mural depicting a South Pacific island scene replete with Easter Island heads.

The AUP bookstore has a coffee shop hosting conferences and book signing receptions with many famous authors. The bookstore includes exotic gifts from around the world, greeting cards, toys, candy and WEX Club logo apparel, plus video rentals! Sgt. Pepper's across the street has a dining room and lecture hall.

Nearby is the WEX clubhouse and the Knight's Armory Bed & Breakfast, both beautifully restored Victorian homes built in the 1880's, with about 10 bedrooms to choose from. They don't mind your bringing sleeping bags and air mattresses!

The WEX Club clubhouse has an exotic bar stocked with beverages from around the world; a pool table; a number of arcade-style pinball machines and an air hockey table.

The Armory has the WEX Museum featuring vintage science-fiction toys (many made in the Soviet Union) and other memorabilia from Founder David Hatcher Childress' youth. The walls are decorated with art and artifacts brought back by World Explorers Club members from their treks around the globe. The downstairs of the Armory is decorated with suits of armor, tapestries of Knights and heraldic animals, paintings of knights and damsels, and a score of decorative swords and dagger.

Each house features bedrooms decorated in distinctive themes, including: Atlantis, Egypt, Pacifica, China. The price per night in either house is $35.00 for non-members and $25.00 per night for WEX Club members.

For more information on the town of Kempton, the Adventures Unlimited bookstore, and the movies in production contact:

David Hatcher Childress
Adventures Unlimited Press

Remy Chevalier
Media Relations

Read the feature article in the Chicago Reader

Send head shots, resume, DVD demo reels, etc... to:
Adventures Unlimited Studios
One Adventure Place
Kempton, Illinois, 60946-0074

- Good Times Taxi, Pontiac, IL 815-844-2631 -

(Thanks to Jerry E. Smith for his editing contribution to this press release)

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