Bill Tracy's T-Shirt Models

Model: Andrea Leipow :: Photographer: Bill Tracy

I found Bill Tracy on Model Mayhem, a new website already ranking 6000 something at Alexa. Bill is a New Jersey photographer working in Montague. MM is designed like a Friendster or MySpace type of interactive site. But it's only open to models, photographers and wardrobe people, amateur and professional. The caliber of the listings are good to great, enabling models and photogs to hook up without the need for the middle man, i.e. modeling agencies. In other words, the Ford and Elite of this world, like network TV before it, should pay attention. No Mo Mega Pimp Corp!

MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York) is hosting an exhibition entitled SAFE: Design Takes On Risk. Lü magazine was initially contacted by someone at MoMa expressing interest in using the images of Louis Vuitton SARS masks that appear on this website, but then decided not to use them, probably once they realized they were parody, not the real deal. Our invitation to the reception subsequently got lost in the mail. Go figure... Folks at MoMa can be so... oh...  'affected'?

Then a few days later I saw Bill's picture, which I later discovered, while asking him for the OK to repost it here, he's taken it to a whole new level. He also designed the shirt (and cute panties) Sells them online using CafePress:

And he's also started a web service where other t-shirt designers can rent-a-model for a day:

$75 an hour for t-shirts and any other non-revealing type of clothing. $150 an hour for anything revealing, such as thongs and lingerie. Some models may require a 3 hour minimum for these shoots. Bill emails small proofs, then uploads hi-resolution images and emails you the link, or mails you a CD.
Bill likes for his models get to keep the clothes... ;)

Yes, Bill provides his shirts on organic cotton and uses a printing process called die sublimation rather than silk screening plastification. Eric Henry of Rehance at TSDesigns writes:

"Dye sublimation works on polyester and REHANCE works on cotton or anything cellulose, most likely Café Press is doing a digital image on a polyester backed paper then transferring, and why they can do small numbers, but notice they only offer white or light color t-shirts? We are in the process of bringing REHANCE in a digital environment which will allow us to do individual garment dyed t-shirts."

Here are Bill's designs we, at Lü, are most interested in:



Bill Tracy
bill (at)

419 Trenton Avenue
Paterson, New Jersey 07503

 Organic Cotton
Speedy The Turtle
T-Shirt $18.99

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