Ask your local video store or public library to order it immediately!!!
Click the photo above to view the trailer online on the official MGM website.

Theatrical Release was on January 1, 2001
DVD was released on April 22, 2003
and yet, I have not seen it in a single Blockbuster store, which is why I
never even knew it was out until now! I kept waiting to see it pop up on the shelf...

Used copies at Amazon start at $5.99. I just ordered a new copy for $7.99.

The film is a goofy, tongue in cheek, nouvelle vague take off on Barbarella
and Day & Night directed by Roman Coppola with retro special effects to
groovy music by Mellow. But it reached a little bit too high and was totally
eclipsed by Austin Powers's over the top cheese. So the movie bombed at the
box office. But now it's becoming a modest underground cult hit and gets 4 stars
from most reviewers at Amazon.

If you're a 60's aficionado and loved Modesty Blaise, Our Man Flint, Blow
Up, Godard... or any movie set in Paris, starring Gerard Depardieu, you'll
probably enjoy seeing this film.

"First-time player Lindvall is so credible as beautiful Dragonfly/Valentine
that if you fondly remember the costumes of Jane Fonda, you will love her
anyway." —Tsuyoshi

Beautiful new pictures of Angela by Patrick Demarchelier