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Carly Champagne runs a fashion design business out of her home in Tampa, Florida where she makes club-wear out of condoms such as purses and dresses. I discovered Carly on the Model Mayhem website where she goes by the alias "trajedi" describing herself as having a very "girl next door" kind of look, all natural, no tattoos. Carly writes to below.
- RemyC Lumag ed.


I'm a full time fine art student at the University of South Florida mostly doing ceramic work and sculpture. Outside of school I consider fashion design to be my focus, but I put a lot of sculptural elements into my designs, such as vinyl and condoms amongst other things.

The condom thing has been a progressive idea that I started as a joke with a roommate, and built it into a business I run out of my home. I really like the idea that condoms can be seen in a fun way so young people will be more interested in carrying and using them, rather than seeing them as a scary sterile object in the same isle as home pregnancy tests and yeast infection treatments. People don't have a whole lot of excuses for not using condoms when they are carrying a purse made of them.

I have done trades with members of planned parenthood, lectures with safe sex organizations, and often will talk to Human Sexual Behavior classes at my university.

You can view my work at and email me at for questions or orders. My website accepts paypal which takes credit cards.



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Condom Lamp of Unknown Origin:


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The picture that is wide angle was taken by Mark Murano (as well as the red and black outfit), and the regular one is by Jon Cancelino.  








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