Introduction to the ELF Project:

For the last 10 years, a group of environmental professionals have entrusted me, Remy Chevalier, a long time environmental activist and co-founder of the Eco-Saloon at the environmental nightclub Wetlands in 1989, to gather and store materials for a potential future green and alternative media reference library.

I have been collecting excess review materials from magazine editors and publishers, from environmental companies, researchers and writers. Storing them in my home, attic, garage, cellar, etc... as well as in many other people's homes, attic, garages etc… in the hopes of one day being able to find a suitable public space where the collection would finally be made accessible to the general public.

What I expected would take just a matter of a few years has still not been resolved, and I now find myself buried under a mountain of resources which do not yet have a proper home. 

Fairfield County once was the home of the Burndy Library, the most amazing collection of original writings from the pioneers of electricity. It was housed in Norwalk Connecticut in a building with a tall glass facade. But after Mr. Burndy died, that library was quickly packed up and whisked away to MIT, leaving a real vacuum behind for the surrounding communities.

It's in that spirit that I would like to see this library project materialize. I have used the name the Environmental Library Fund for nearly 20 years. I have no connection with the Earth Liberation Front now going under the same acronym. When I chose ELF it was for these reasons: it stood for a creature who lived in and loved the forest; and for extremely low frequency radiation, a concern about electromagnetic pollution.

The current future of the Environmental Library Fund collection is uncertain. But I am not losing hope. If I can grab your attention for just a few minutes, I think I can make a pretty good case as to how and why my proposal would not only be ground breaking, but generate a considerable amount of attention and ultimately profit for any companies or individuals who would enter into this relationship.

This library/bookstore concept, much like Manga rental stores in Asia which rent books like we rent videos here, would create a new kind of retail space and a much needed alternative to mainstream public library resources and generic chain bookstores. 

It is my firm belief the high concentration of media and marketing professionals living and working in Fairfield County would bring this project alive and make it long lasting, facilitating the greening of suburbia, media and marketing in America, all of which have a greater concentration in Fairfield County than anywhere else in the country.

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