By John Mini


What physical forces are at work influencing and contouring your body and your life? We know of only four main physical forces in our universe. They are gravity, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and electromagnetic fields.

Gravity plays a major role in the macroscopic world of the universes, galaxies and planets. Given the relative size of your body, gravity probably isn’t a major determining factor in the microscopic moment to moment details of your physiology.

Nuclear forces, as we currently understand them, only influence the world of atoms and the microuniverses they contain. This is the level of magnitude the physicists have been so excited about the last fifty years. It’s one level of the mind/matter connection.

Human beings and other forms of life are able to perceive quantum and gravitational stimulation. Although you can respond to information coming from these very large and small forces of nature, they probably aren’t the primary agents responsible for keeping your system together as an organic. Is there a physical force that directly relates to our own level of size?

Electromagnetic fields are a perfect fit. The areas of magnitude electromagnetic fields influence are the ones where life as we know it occurs.

The statement “you are electrical” can raise issues with some physicians. If your doctor tells you electricity has nothing to do with your body, it means she or he has been out of touch with medical research since the late 1950s. Biochemists went to extended efforts for many years to prove your body is chemical, not electrical.

That didn’t turn out to be entirely true. You’re both chemical and electrical. Modern scientists can detect and catalogue human biofields using SQUIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interferometric Devices.) SQUIDS are ultra sensitive magnetic fields detectors. These tests show us how you can generate AC electromagnetic fields around your nerves and muscles, and DC electromagnetic fields around your brain.

One of the ways your biofield accesses your physical body is through the process of semiconduction. Semiconduction happens in materials with highly ordered molecular structures, like crystals. The regular electron structure of crystals allows electrons to move through them very easily. Electron microscopy has revealed evidence of many crystalline structures in your physiology.

Semiconducting currents are thousands of times more sensitive to electromagnetic interaction than the kind of current that travels down a wire. Semiconductors carry only small currents, but they can carry them over very long distances. Your proteins are semiconductors. You regulate the semiconduction in your connective tissues by hydration and oxygenation, or by changing your levels of water and oxygen.

Your cellular membranes have electrical potentials that hover around ten million volts per meter. This electrical field is strong enough to align and configure the molecules in your cell membranes into specific structures or patterns. These electrical patterns are highly sensitive to, and interactive with, other electromagnetic fields.

There’s a positive charge and a negative charge on the surfaces of large biomolecules. These charges separate like the two poles of a compass needle. Molecules of this type are called electrical dipoles. Most biomolecules are electrical dipoles. They’re like microphones, because they convert acoustic vibrations into electrical signals. At the same time, they’re also like stereo speakers, because they turn electrical signals into vibrations. Electricity and vibration convert each other at the level of your cells. They create a single electrovibratory field. Research calls this phenomenon the Josephson effect.

Your membrane fields align with their dipolar molecules into patterns. This produces a situation that’s highly sensitive to both vibration and electrical stimulation. Specific frequencies can communicate and convey information to your biological membranes. Sound and electromagnetism are equivalent at the cellular level. Your life is electromagnetic and frequency specific.

Dr Cyril Smith, Simon Best and many others have performed numerous clinical experiments to demonstrate the effects of electrical and vibrational frequencies on human life. In one of these experiments, people who were allergic to a particular substance were exposed to that substance and a frequency at the same time. After a short association period, these people developed an allergic response to the frequency alone. They responded to the frequency and to the initial substance in the same way. These people also developed allergic reactions to harmonic proportions of that frequency. On the positive side, they also responded favorably to specific frequencies that neutralize and eliminate allergic reactions. These experiments are a convincing testimony to your body’s abilities to discern and discriminate between different rates of vibration. Smith and Best also learned that water absorbs and transmits frequencies. They found they could expose water to a frequency, and the water could then transmit that frequency to a patient at a later time. The water produced the same effects as the original frequency and the original allergen.

Water has a remarkable ability to retain and record coherent frequencies it comes into contact with. This ability is a basic principle of Homeopathic medicine. The homeopathic community has accumulated abundant clinical and experimental proof over the last 150 years of water’s ability to absorb and transmit frequencies. This effect probably relates to the reason healers have known about and used holy water since the dawn of humanity.

Using coherent frequencies to heal in the form of sound and vibration is similar, or even equivalent, to the use of Homeopathy. There’s an enormous amount of experimental evidence from all over the world supporting these findings. Recently, Dr. Fabien Maman has done extensive research in France demonstrating how musical intervals can even explode live cancer cells in vitro. These same intervals rejuvenate healthy cells.

There’s no chemistry involved in homeopathy. A healing response can propagate through your body within seconds after taking a homeopathic remedy. This is much faster than any known physiological or chemical mechanisms can explain. Sound and vibration can directly transmit a healing frequency even faster. A sonic vibrational remedy is all around you and within you at the same time. That’s the nature of sound. There’s nowhere it needs to propagate to. You’re inside it. Frequencies influence the normal arrangement of the electromagnetic and vibratory fields around your cells. This conveys information to the aqueous interior of your cells and the micro-organs controlling your cell functions.

Coherent frequencies such as those applied in Homeopathic and Vibrational Medicine speak the language of your cells. Might we be able to apply similar methods to healing our entire planet? Could we use this technology to regenerate ourselves and our environment? On a global scale, maybe. On a personal level, definitely.  

Regeneration is demonstrated when special electrical fields appears if you get harmed or injured in any way. Scientists call this special field the “current of injury”. This current continues until you grow new nerve root tips in the place you injured. Your new nerves split up and snake into the area of the injury. They form little bulbs at their tips that contact the epidermal cells in the deep levels of your skin. Your nerve tips complete an electrical circuit. The connections they make form the exact electrical signal your immature blood cells need to trigger their despecialization and begin the process of regeneration. The current of injury reverses polarity. It gets stronger, and the damaged area heals.

Regeneration begins when nerves can contact the epidermis. An injured area can regenerate if there’s damage to its motor nerves, but not if there’s damage to its sensory nerves. A damaged area requires a nerve supply in its first few days of healing. After that time, you can cut the nerve and the area will still regenerate.

The electrical field involved in regeneration isn’t the typical nerve impulse you read about in physiology books. It involves extremely minute levels of electricity occurring at very specific voltages and frequencies. This field is a direct current (DC) that flows around your nerves. It comes from an entirely different function of your nervous system than anything the biomedical scientists thought existed before. It appears t originate in the reticular activating system of your brainstem. Your reticular activating system influences your sleep cycles and focus of attention. It’s located deep within your brain in the area of 13 Cane.

Your nervous system coordinates the individual activities of your body into a single, coherent whole. Biochemical science has focused mostly on the neuronal parts of the nervous system. The impulse and neurotransmitter process explored and advocated by the biochemical scientists is the digital aspect of your nervous system. It’s made from long chains of coherent oscillations in groups of nerve cells working together in unison. Scientists call these oscillations action potentials.

There are special groups of cells surrounding each of your nerve cells. Some of them are the spiraling Schwann cells. Schwann cells create an insulating sheath around all your nerves. There are a number of coverings around your nerve cells. They are your perineural cells. Perineural cells constitute much more of the mass of your nervous system than your neurons do. Your perineural nervous system creates an electrical environment that integrates your whole body. It’s important in healing and the maintenance of your health. Regeneration, healing and energy function are the analog aspects of your nervous system. They’re perineural.

The main centers of electric activity in your nervous system come from your brain, heart and lumbar areas. Your heart creates your strongest electromagnetic fields. It generates a pervasive rhythm. Any point in your body can detect the electromagnetic wave of your heart known as the EKG pulse.

Your heart generates a persuasive rhythm. It influences everyone of your cells. Many other rhythms accompany your heart in a polyrhythmic rain that emanates from you at all times. Electrical pulses from one part of your body can conduct to any other part. Each of them communicates specific information reflecting the qualities of their origins.

The next strongest fields of your body come from your brain and eyes. One of the energy circulations described in the ancient medical classics issued from your eyes, flows all over your body, and returns to your eyes again.

Your sacral nerve plexus, related to what the Chinese call the Lower Dan Tian and the Japanese call the Hara, is the third strongest electrical filed in your body. Your center of gravity is the center of your biofield and your polar axis. Your natural center of gravity rests in your Lower Dan Tian or Hara.

There’s simply no way you can experience or understand your indigenous nature without understanding and experiencing your Lower Dan Tian. It’s the origin of your physical body, where your original primordial cell divided from one into two. It’s the home of what the Europeans call gravitas. 

Your biofield orients and arranges your atomic parts, and your atomic parts taken as a whole create a physical foundation for your biofield. Your biofield creates electromagnetic patterns, and structure follows. Different aspects of your body can and do drop away as your cells come and go, yet your biofield remains as your body incorporates new cells. Your biofield lends you continuity through the processes of change. It directs the growth, development, orientation and regeneration of all your tissues.

Your body’s motions generate specific types of electrical fields. Every movement you make changes the quality of tension and relaxation in your tissues. When your tissues change, the qualities of your biofield change. These alterations convey electromagnetic information to your cells, which modifies their calcium microfilaments, microtubules and mirotrabeculae connecting all your cells with one another. Your cell structures, shapes and functions adapt themselves to these changes. Your life processes are both chemical and electrical. Chemistry and electricity interact with each other in living feedback cycles.

You emit a rhythmically oscillating, undulating biological field. It interacts with the hormonal and cellular chemistry of your body. Electromagnetic and vibratory phenomena are very important influences at the biomolecular and cellular levels of your life. Even the slightest change in a cell’s environment will alter the electrical potentials across its cell membrane. This in turn alters and regulates the cell’s functions.

Each of your tissues responds to specific frequencies and amplitudes. The vibrational preferences of each part of your body change cyclically over time. All your subcellular structures, cells, and collections of cells have vibrational and electrical “sweet spots” or resonances that affect them more strongly than other frequencies do. Specific frequencies can act as catalysts in chemical reactions. A catalyst is a substance that can greatly magnify chemical reactions. Your hormones are examples of biological catalysts.

Some catalysts can create reactions between substances that wouldn’t happen at all without the catalysts being there. Catalysts are relationship enhancers. Enzymes are biological catalysts. All enzymes are proteins. Proteins are recombinant chains of your 20 types of amino acids. 

Nothing in the chemical structure of enzymes can account for their tremendous power. Scientists believe enzymes are so powerful because they create resonance phenomena. Resonance happens between an enzyme and its substrate. Researchers such as Herbert Frolich and others suggest these resonance phenomena are the mechanisms of the lock and key properties of your enzymes.

There are about 3000 different types of enzymes in each of your cells. If you calculate how many different kinds of chemical reactions can occur between these enzymes and their potential effects on your cellular chemical processes, you can begin to appreciate the intricate web of subtle complexity each of your cells sponsors. How can all your billions of cells work together, and also interact with your surrounding environment? You’re truly a miracle of organization.

Your body remembers its original cellular symmetry to create the dynamic Olin of your life. Your sense of symmetry is exact. An excellent practical example is in the ancient art of acupuncture, which uses your body’s sense of symmetry to diagnose and cure many illnesses with astonishingly mathematical precision.

Your body connects with itself in an upside down and backwards reflection. Your two sides mirror each other and form a quadripole. Your left foot connects to your right hand. Your right hand connects with your left foot. Your lower left abdomen connects with your upper right abdomen, and so on. Your nervous system perceives and generates symmetry.

Your body remembers its origins. It retains memory trails of your entire evolution over time. These trails are your energy meridians. Your skin is highly electrically active. Meridians are pathways of lowered electrical resistance through your skin. This means the areas of the meridians conduct electricity better than the places that don’t have meridians passing through them. Many people can feel the sensations of their meridians opening up when they receive acupuncture.

Your energy meridians connect the vast panorama of your physiology. Your inner world reflects to the surface of your body through your meridians, appearing as zones of electrical abundance and depletion on your skin. Your meridians oscillate together to form an overall picture of your internal environment. Your biofield transmits a broadcast of your inner world to your outer world.

Your meridians conduct biological currents. A wave rhythm conducts through your meridian system in a 15 minute cycle. It circulates 96 times in 24 hours. Your meridians are rivulets of energy. They branch off from and circulate your core energy all over your body.  

They’re not your main energy core. Neither are your charkas. Neither is anything else you can rigidly define. Your core energy is an ocean of potential. At the center, or heart of your being, you are pure potential. On the outside, you have tendencies and probable behaviors. You’re fuzzy and somewhat predictable. All systems work together. There’s only one system.

Patterns of neurons firing in your brain are mostly irregular. Biological current passes from the area of 13 Cane to the front of your head while you’re awake. It reverses when you go into deep trance or deep sleep. Chaotic activity in your waking brain is slight. When you go into ritual states of trance or sleep, chaotic firing patterns increase. Chaos heals. Chaos regenerates.

The natural rhythmic electrical impulses of your healthy heart are mostly regular. Your heart also includes subtle flowing variations in its timing. If the interplay of your heartbeat and your breathing becomes too regular and simple, it can lead to health problems. If the rhythm of your heart becomes too chaotic, it can also cause problems. Your heart is nourished and thrives on the integration of chaos and regularity.

A healthy body incorporates chaos and order creatively, the same way nature does. You’re part of nature. You can regenerate yourself if you observe nature and apply what you learn personally.

Your body is a great work of art. Great art of any kind isn’t about conformity. It explores the exciting relationship between chaos and order. It’s about doing nature your own way.

You’re alive. Anything that’s alive uses electromagnetic and vibrational fields to get information from its environment. Just look into the world of nature to observe the sublime vibrational sensitivities of small animals. Examine the exquisite responsiveness of insects and the delicate motion of their antennae. Have your ever watched the pure subtle field navigation of single celled protozoa? Creatures such as the amoeba make extensive extensive use of vibrational and electric fields to sense and maneuver in their surroundings. Many fish are famous for their ability to detect extremely minuscule electric fields. Some fish can generate and even discharge enormous amounts of electricity to protect themselves.

You have all these capabilities within you, too. All you have to do is develop them. You can receive and interpret electromagnetic fields. You can become a highly trained electro-vibratory athlete.

You use electromagnetic fields to communicate information from one part of the body to other parts of your body. Your cells use frequencies that extend even into the range of light to communicate with one another and maintain homeostasis.

You emit coherent radiation all the way up to the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. Dr. Fritz Popp and other have demonstrated how cells use frequencies of coherent lightwave channels as on of their communications link. Human cells have been observed to emit biophotons in both visible and ultraviolet frequencies.

You also use electromagnetic fields to communicate with the people and other animals around you. In 1987, Russian scientists shocked the world with their research into biophotons, your body’s ability to emit light. Some of their most interesting findings revealed how you can actively sense and respond to infrared emissions from the people in your environment. They also detected that your body emits both an audible and ultrasonic sound.

Human beings have demonstrated field sensitivities at the fringes of what the most advanced equipment of theoretical physics has to offer. Your ability to pick up on subtle fields is so accurate you can even detect single quanta of electromagnetic radiations.

Your body is like a radio telescope. All your cells work together to detect minute electromagnetic fields. You constantly scan your environment for electromagnetic fluctuations and resonances. There are many ways you can detect these gossamer changes in your surroundings.

How do you make these quantum level stimuli sensible to the rest of you? Your hormones and enzymes are chemical amplifiers. Biological amplification is similar to the chemical cascades that occur in your body when it responds to hormones. Your hormones trigger enzyme reactions. These reactions create very large chemical mobilizations which affect larger and larger structural and perceptual levels in your body.

Your sensitivities to electromagnetic fields is equal to the level of electromagnetic radiation you emit. The levels of energy you transmit can get to be very intense in certain situations. For example, if you’re having an allergic reaction, or you’re highly stressed, you can discharge enough electricity to seriously interfere with the electronic equipment you come into contact with.

All life uses electromagnetic fields, resonance and coherency in its essentials biological functions. Coherency relates to precision of frequency. Living systems use highly coherent electromagnetic energy to communicate internally and with one another. These frequencies range from the ultraviolet portion of the energy spectrum all the way down to Extra Low Frequencies (ELFs).

You live on Earth. Earth has a magnetic field. Anything you do automatically references to the warp and weft of this field.

The Earth’s ambient electromagnetic field surrounds you right now. It’s formed by the complex and shifting relationships between the geomagnetic field and the charged ions in our atmosphere. Lunar rotations, our journey around the Sun, the motions of other planets and even measurable transgalactic forces influence the Earth’s geomagnetic field from space.

Your local geological formations, the distribution of the ground water in your area, and many other natural and man made factors all affect the behavior of geomagnetic waves as they swirl and flow around you.

The Earth’s magnetic field orients itself toward the north and south poles. It also spins around its axis, giving it another definite polar orientation. Your biofield also has a vertical orientation, just like when you were developing in your mother’s womb. The Earth’s field radiates in different directions. Depending on where you are and when you’re there, its orientations and subtle fluctuations can influence your biofield in a number of ways. Even though the vibrations of the electromagnetic field of the Earth are just barely perceptible using ultra-modern measuring techniques, they still affect you. Their ability to influence you relates to their frequency, or quality, more than their strength.

Each of your cells is sensitive to these fields. This is even true down to the genetic level. The genes of your chromosomes can move and reorient themselves to respond to changes in your environment. Your DNA can respond and adapt to the surroundings it finds itself in. It can change within certain parameters to do what it needs to do to thrive. The DNA helix even oscillates in resonance with the microwaves you’re exposed to. Weak magnetic fields can also influence your DNA activity. 

Your orientation in the geomagnetic field gives your entire body incredibly precise data. It gives you clues to the qualities of energy surrounding you. It helps you determine your exact location on the planet, and what physiological adjustments you need to make to optimize your functions there.

Homing pigeons can navigate for hundreds of miles blindfolded. They use magnetic references. Pigeons and a number of other animals have small magnetic crystals in their skulls. They use them as biological compasses to orient themselves through the shifting waves of geomagnetic crystals in their ethmoid sinuses.

Your biofield can change its intensity, reverse directions, and modulate into different frequencies. We’ve already learned how every electrical field creates a complementary magnetic field at right angles to itself. Changes in your electrical field also cause changes in your magnetic field, and changes in your magnetic field causes changes in your electrical field. Magnetic information doubles the set of variables your body uses to guide and differentiate each of your cells through the constantly shifting
electromagnetic fields of your environment.

Environmental fields affect your personal biofields by modulating your body chemistry. Your body is designed to blend with and respond to the subtlest of natural fields.

Some environmental electromagnetic patterns are big enough to affect all of us at the same time. These patterns show up in the daily and seasonal alterations of our physiology. We each respond to these environmental shifts in our own way according to our constitutions and level of personal development. Your biofield goes through seasonal fluctuations. It changes according to environmental electromagnetic fields, weather changes, and a number of other factors. For example, your circadian rhythms are affected by Schumann wave fluctuations and other Extra Low Frequency patterns in your surroundings.

Environmental fields are biologically significant eve though they’re very subtle and their fluctuations are slight. Living creatures usually show a logarithmic response to environmental stimuli. This means a small stimulation can get a big reaction.

Man-made electromagnetic fields are much more powerful and coherent than the ones normally occurring in nature. Since your body uses extremely low intensity coherent electromagnetic fields to regulate itself, man made electromagnetic fields can influence you very powerfully. For example, rates of depression and suicide are statistically higher in areas near high voltage lines. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the psychological or placebo effects. The statistics are the same whether the lines are above ground and visible, or below the ground and people don’t know they’re there.

External fields directly influence all your cells. They don’t affect you because of the sheer amount of power they’re emitting. They’re significant at very low, almost undetectable levels. They’re potent because their frequencies occur at or close to your own biological frequencies. Since environmental fields are a lot like the fields of your body, they can influence, inhibit or enhance your biology. It’s not their strength that makes them strong. It’s their similarity to your own natural waveforms.

Here’s a simple test you can perform to become aware of the electromagnetic fields that constantly surround you. Check your environment for electromagnetic fields with a small transistor radio jammed in between stations on the AM setting. Walk around with the radio and listen to what happens when you walk by objects like rheostat switches and television sets, even when they are turned off. Your body is constantly aware of these frequencies and fields.

Many of your biological functions are electrical. For example, bioelectrical fields regulate the opening and closing of the ion channels in your cell membranes. All your nervous signals are electrochemical. Fields constantly your cells to accept, reject and process ions and other substances from their surrounding medium. Electromagnetic fields can also directly influence your biochemical reactions. These fields alter the pH of the chemicals in your body and even rearrange their geometrical structures.

The geomagnetic field influences the membrane permeability of all your cells at the same time. The qualities of your entire physiology are affected by this natural field.

The gentle fluctuations of our geomagnetic field cause a tidal action on your body chemistry. You surf on electromagnetic waves. There’s abundant evidence that fluctuations of the natural electromagnetic fields surrounding us have profound statistical influences on human behavior and well being. These fluctuations especially include those caused by solar flares.

Your environmental and biological fields are very subtle. Your physiology is sensitive to specific frequencies and amplitudes of energy. Your biological catalysts translate and amplify these waveforms to influence and regulate all your normal physiological functions.

It works just like a cell phone. Cell phone towers are everywhere. They spew out thousands of frequencies into your environment all the time. Fortunately, your phone doesn’t ring every time anyone makes a phone call. Your phone picks up only the frequency with your number attached to it. 

Many of your body’s most essential biochemical reactions occur at extremely low levels of electrical potential, but they’re very frequency specific. Weak electromagnetic fields can affect you even more powerfully than strong ones if they come at you with a frequency that can influence one of your physiological systems. This happens because the frequency creates resonances with certain parts of your physiology.

Resonance creates entrainment. Entrainment occurs when any tow objects vibrate at close to the same frequency. The vibrations of the two objects will tend to equalize and move into synchronization with each other.

It’s like tuning a radio or television. You tune its frequency until it resonates with the frequency of the TV or radio station’s transmitter. When two frequency synchronize, you get a TV picture or radio information.

This isn’t just a dandy new age philosophy. Resonance is the scientific foundation of all our wireless communications such as telephone, radio and television. Resonance is also the operating principle for many of our modern high-tech weapons systems.

Here’s a more positive example. We know an oscillating vibrational field will induce a resonance at a specific frequency and strength for any chemical element. All chemical bonds have their own vibrational signatures. They have distinct and unique patterns of vibrational and rotational frequencies. These are the phenomena measured by spectroscopy to determine the chemical structures of various materials. You can even take special pictures of this process. This is the principle behind Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imagery. If you know someone who has had an MRO done at a hospital, they’ve tasted the fruit of the science of resonance.

Your brain is highly sensitive to electrical and magnetic fields resonating at or around its own operating frequency and amplitude. Your brain and your nervous system oscillate. They’re susceptible to resonance with the rhythms around you, especially the Schumann resonance.

EEG monitoring shows us your brain creates oscillating electrical waves in frequency ranges around .5 to 30 Hz. Your brainwaves work in the same frequency range as the Schumann wave rhythmically pulsating around the Earth’s ionosphere. Electromagnetic waves emanating from the Sun influence the Schumann resonance. Fluctuations in the Schumann Bands create gigantic magnetic field waves. These “magnetic storms” sweep around the Earth in the same frequency range in which your brain operates. Our Sun influences your brain via the Schumann resonance.

Environmental resonances affect your electromagnetic field sensitivities. They form resonances with your brain, influence you, and entrain you with the rhythms of nature.

You need to be in rhythm with the pulse of your environment if you want to thrive. You need to synchronize your world. There are a number of ways you can do it. For example, a 10 Hz frequency can get you into a natural rhythm and restore your biorhythmic cycles. It’s a kind of home base frequency.

Earth generated enormous electromagnetic pulses at approximately10 Hz a long time ago in the Precambrian era. Prototypal life forms entrained with these waves of rhythms. They became the first spiral form creatures. The physiology of all life on Earth replicates and reflects self-similar patterns of our geophysical history and origins.

10 Hz is the dominant brainwave rhythm in all animals. It entrains us with the electromagnetic vibration of the Earth. A 10 Hz frequency will renormalize the circadian rhythms in people who have been isolated from the geomagnetic field. Astronauts use this frequency while they’re in space to keep their biology from going haywire.

We’re healthy when all our cells are working together with mutually beneficial rates of vibration or oscillation. We get sick when something upsets the natural rhythms of these vibrations. Some pathogens even use harmful radiations, or vibrations, to take over our internal environments.

One of the purposes of the traditional indigenous sciences is to enhance our entrainment with the healing rhythms of natural fields. The modern world interprets the indigenous sciences in an overly simplistic way. We’re described them as some kind of rudimentary awareness of yearly agricultural cycles. The reality is something much more profound and intimate. Indigenous people can have very personal and ecstatic connections with the unique qualities of time and space in each moment. A person with an intact indigenous nature directly experiences the wonders of cosmic and terrestrial waves of influence.

Many of us have been culturally conditioned to reject the possibility that astrological events could affect us in any practical way here on the surface of the Earth. It’s a new/old prejudice that continues to hang on even though there’s compelling, well established evidence to the contrary.

People in the communications industry know planetary phases interfere with radio and television transmissions. Planetary influences definitely affect our weather. We’ve known since the 1800’s how our geomagnetic field fluctuates in waves as our Moon revolves around the Earth. Our geomagnetic field becomes most intense with the full moon. Anyone who works at a police station, hospital, psychiatric institution, or other profession dealing with large numbers of people can tell you how the Moon affects masses of people. An adept physician can explain to you how a full moon affects bleeding.

Other events in space like solar winds and even more distant occurrences all have influence on your body and your environment. Quantum effects are non-linear and frequency specific. The Photoelectric Effect demonstrates how even a single quantum of light traveling from a distant star, if its frequency is correct, can bump an electron off an atom here on Earth. There’s an entire field of research devoted to this study called cosmobiology. Many cosmobiologists believe events in space cause fluctuations in our electromagnetic surroundings to create these effects.

For example, researcher Giogio Piccardi discovered how periods of solar eruptions can enhance certain chemical reactions by as much as 350 percent. He also found magnetic storms and the 11 year sunspot cycle can affect chemical processes. In another study, Professor Frank Brown, Jr. found metabolic activity in various plants and animals follows the phases of the Moon. Other researchers have found that rainfall patterns are related to lunar cycles. So are the electrical potentials of trees, the electrical potentials around your head and chest areas, and many of the fluctuations and cycles within your blood.

These researchers and hundreds of others have learned how interplanetary influences can deviate test subjects from statistical behavioral and physiological averages. This is remarkably similar to the precepts of indigenous medicines, where much diagnosis measures deviations from a time based mean.

The most generally accepted version of how these influences affect us goes like this:

Planetary positions affect chemical reactions. This probably happens through the mechanisms of resonant amplifications within the Solar magnetic canals. These resonances can affect the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Your pineal gland is very sensitive to weak magnetic field changes. The fluctuations of our geomagnetic field affects us chemically and systemically through our pineal glands.

The path of the pineal gland is only one of many ways electromagnetic fields can influence you. You have layers and layers of mechanisms in your body that are sensitive and responsive to electromagnetic fields. You receive signals from the minutest subatomic particles, to your atoms and molecules, to your cells, tissues, nervous and hormonal systems.

The new sciences try to take into account the multiple pathways of interactive forces at work on you at all times. The influences of nature are a convergence of subtle forces. When these subtle environmental factors combine together coherently, they create very powerful effects.

Remember the reciprocal square law? It states the influence one object has on another decreases by the square of the distance between them. It shows you that no matter how far away from you something is, it’s still affecting you on some level. It may seem that this influence is very, very tiny. It would appear to be unimportant. Insignificant. But what happens when as many subtle and oblique factors as there are in the entire universe compile? What happens when the infinity of these microscopic effects add up over vast amounts of time?

Nobody can say for sure. The answer must be really fuzzy. The only thing we can say is the system includes everything. There are no unrelated events, because there aren’t any isolated systems. Everything is significant.

No moment is reproducible. This time we’re sharing here and now is unique. Just think of all the complex interactions of gravity, electromagnetic fields and spirals of motion in the universe, all tugging and nudging within and around you right now. Our universe is in motion. It’s not repeating itself.

There’s a balance somewhere between your inner and outer environments. Connective tissues permeate every part of your body. They communicate information from your external fields to your internal fields. They’re the physiological bridges between your inner biological world and the outer world in which you live and move and have your being.

Some of these bridges have no known direct relationship with the old physiological models. For example, your acupuncture points are locations of intense interactions between your inner an outer electromagnetic environments. Some of your meridians act as reservoirs to collect and refine energy from your surroundings. Your meridian system integrates parts of your body that wouldn’t otherwise appear to be connected. It’s highly sensitive to specific informational, vibrational, and electromagnetic input.

The fields in your body respond to the fields of your environment. Small fluctuations in your ambient environmental field can amplify into very large affects internally by influencing your chemical and hormonal catalysts. It’s a perfect regulatory system.

You’re connected by a thread to the sky and the vast system of meridians connecting the entire universe. The cycles of the sky are the cycles of your meridians. The interactions of Water and Fire in your body are self-similar fractals of the interplay of cosmic Water and Fire.

Condensed by Remy C with permission from the last two chapters of John Mini’s wonderful book Day Of Destiny about the Aztec Sun Calendar which can be ordered directly at Amazon. (The official website http://dayofdestiny.com seems to be gone.)

The illustration was snagged without permission from: http://pweb.netcom.com/~mthorn/qpchipmt.htm, the incredible web art site of artist Mark Thornally. Then I saw Mark's mandala was posted on Jack Sarfatti's website and I wrongly assumed that Jack found it on mine when I suggested he at least give the guy a link. 

Jack, in no uncertain terms, told me he had commissioned the art work. I quote: 
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