Angel (with help from Bill Thomas) sanded the floor before the coat of AMF oil wax finish.

Angel & Chase from Always Build Green lay down the reclaimed subfloor and plywood! We only leave all the lights on to get the job done!
The Aquarium is looking for a contractor to replace all the fluorescent tubes with LED.

Thanks to IKEA for the red Billy bookcases.
Thanks to Green Demolitions for more shelves.

Green Faire, at the Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens, October 4th
151 Brookdale Road, Stamford, CT
10:00 - 4:00. Free Admission
Press conference at the Aquarium held September 23rd
Read the article in the Norwalk Hour


Sam Vail of and I took a drive to Clinton, CT on September 11th to bring back some donated lumber from the for bookshelves... We couldn't stop laughing at the schrooms UHaul so kindly blessed us with. Wrong day of the year to get arrested on I-95 with a 17 foot bed UHaul!
~ Rem

What the space used to look like before the oak floor and the decor.

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