We thought it would be fun to send images to The Environmentals contest. So, off to Shearon Harris Nuclear near the town of New Hill we went.

We had to walk about 2 miles through the woods before we got a good vantage point of the cooling tower. We had be warned about armed guards prowling around. We didn't see any guards, but we heard them practicing small arms fire at their range at the base of the cooling tower--it's not fun doing a shoot with the loud machine gun fire in the background. This went on continuously throughout the shoot.

We took these images today, Monday, January 03, 2005, using 35mm film.

We had fun doing it and got some good shots on the walk to the lake. We found an old burial crypt--from where the nuke construction crew probably ripped out the graves from an old graveyard--can't have a Night of The Living Dead incident from the radiation after all!

I also got to explain to Nova how reactors work--I used to be a Reactor Operator on S5G reactors. I like my current job much better--all my friends look like Nova...

We live in Raleigh, North Carolina right now--though I'm originally from Key West and hope to move back in the next few years. We both travel quite a bit for shoots--Nova, who's fairly new to modeling, has been back and forth to LA for fashion shows and now film offers. She's gonna be famous one day, trust me!


Nova (model) & John Jenrette (photographer)

Nova's site: http://www.onemodelplace.com/member.cfm?ID=122460
John's site: http://www.onemodelplace.com/photographer_list.cfm?P_ID=33681

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