That whole shoot was in a park beside the Pickering plant in Ontario.

The shoot was a vision of the near future with oil becoming more and more scarce and as a result, war and repression becoming more common, so that there was a return to the mindset (and fashion style) of the 40s. You'll recognize the title "On the Beach" of course.

The wind generator is also very close to the plant, you can see it in one of the other shots. It's quite a beautiful little park area with a boardwalk and a yacht club. At one point a little girl pointed at my daughter and said "look mommy a princess". Made her day.

Styling by Natalie Cushing
Makeup by Lindsay Durnay
Models: Natalie Cushing, Lauren Taylor (my daughter the blond) and... damn can't remember the other girl's name which doubtless is why it wasn't in the credits.

You'll find a PhotoShop fun piece at which is of course, the aftermath of the nuclear war.

Photography by Kim Taylor
44 Inkerman St.
Guelph Ontario
Canada N1H 3C5

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