Selling Vespa's Downtown Westport

Cy's Cycles imports restored vintage Vespa's from as far as India.
You can reach them by calling: 203.227.3963 or 646.784.6114

Aug. 3rd. 2006

We met quite by accident actually... I was driving by, saw the cool VW van, and said hello. Turned out Cypress's guy was an old friend I had not seen in twenty years.

I was in my thirties, Sandor was a teen still in high school. Back then we hung out at the same coffee shop downtown Westport. I wanted to learn from the emotions of young people things I had forgotten. I ended up breeding a new generation of seekers and activists.

Twenty years later? The earth is baking, there's a planetary green revolution brewing... while main street Westport remains, despite all odds, where forces of synchronicity build cosmic bridges.
~ RemyC.

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