Remy's X-Rated Links
(So get out of here if you're under 18!)

This section of the Remy C. website is user name and password protected. I never meant for it to be that way, but because public libraries and municipal online access use adult content blocking software like St. Bernard which instead of blocking specific pages on a server, block total access to all the pages hosted on a domain name extension, I had no choice in the matter. This measure seems to have fixed the problem. 

This Xlinks page is but a tiny, yet very important and necessary integral part of the whole concept, which is to be an impartial full spectrum green product marketing service. Since a huge portion of online business takes place on adult oriented websites, it would be professional suicide to exclude these from inspection and consideration.

Those of you already familiar with the many links posted under the cover of this page, who want to return to it, and to all those who have just discovered its existence, I ask that you send me a short email confirming you are over 18 years old. There is no charge. I will then provide you with the user name and password (now changed periodically) so you can return to the original page. I apologize for the inconvenience. Click Safe Sex to enter.

Thank you.  Remy C.