Thanks to all those of you who came to the Pequot Museum and supported this event... You can now listen to the second portion of the afternoon, the talk given by Remy Chevalier and the following Q&A session by downloading a Windows Media Player streaming audio file kindly provided to us by Jan Messek: Click Here! We invited Dr. Donald Sadoway of MIT to speak at Yale on April 25. See his presentation along with pictures of the event on the newly created BMBB List. Our next stop might be the Burndy Library at MIT and we hope a repeat performance of the Yale presentation at Sikorsky. Stay tuned to this website for more information on upcoming networking events and working groups.

Better Motors - Better Batteries

Smaller - Lighter - Cheaper - Faster
Saturday March 5th 2005
1 P.M.

Keynote Speaker:
Sioux Tribal Leader
Ed McGaa

Pequot Museum
Mashantucket - Connecticut
(Next to Foxwoods Casino Resort - directions)

The gathering space at the Pequot Museum displays the flags of all tribal nations. Native American environmental leader Ed McGaa, author of Nature's Way on HarperSanFrancisco, will use this opportunity to bring together alternative energy professionals and innovative research with Tribal interest in the region.

Ed McGaa is a registered tribal member of the Oglala Sioux and was born on the Pine Ridge reservation. He received his Bachelor's degree from St. John's University, earned a law degree from the University of South Dakota, and has studied under Chief Eagle Feather and Chief Fool's Crow, Sioux holy men. He is honored by the Sioux for having participated six times in the Sun Dance ceremony. He also served as a fighter pilot in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, flying 110 combat missions, receiving 8 air medals and 2 Crosses of Gallantry, and was recommended for a Distinguished Flying Cross.

Connecticut is referred to in energy circles as the "fuel cell" state, because for 30 years it was in this state that all fuel cells for space and military applications were being made. But once civilian uses of fuel cells became attractive for both economic and environmental reasons, the cutting edge technologies that Connecticut once helped develop quickly began to spread around the world, to Japan, and now China.

Following Ed's talk, those attending the technical portion of the program will be invited to participate in a "Town Meeting" networking brainstorming session, moderated by Remy Chevalier of Electrifying Times magazine, assisted by members of the CT Technology Council. Come prepared with press kits, business cards, and any  additional media materials you wish to share with all participants.

The BMBB symposium will aim to restore a sense of balance between energy technology trade overseas and the need to preserve factory floor "hands-on" experience in the state.

Connecticut is now faced with the hemorrhaging of state-of-the-art energy conversion technologies away from their birth place. This could have vast negative financial and strategic consequences for future generations of Americans.

Connecticut is home to General Electric, our nation's number one defense contractor, and makers of many electric motors used commercially today. GE  recently inaugurated its new wind power division. One of the world's largest suppliers of consumer batteries Duracell has their headquarters in the state.  Rayovac also has facilities in Connecticut. Their subsidiary Varta introduced Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries to the consumer market. Then in 2004, in partnership with Radio Shack, Rayovac pioneered and commercialized 15 minutes rechargeables.

Major attention to fuel cells has diverted commercial focus away from improving the efficiency of pure 100% electrical battery storage (the buzz words of the moment are nanotech and aerogel) as well as improving on motor efficiency (most commercial motors today are still copper wound) which would at long last enable the mass production of a truly revolutionary new generation of drive trains for electric vehicles. This critical gap in R&D could give Connecticut, and more specifically Indian lands in Connecticut, amazing new high tech business opportunities.

The Better Motors - Better Batteries (BMBB) symposium, co-sponsored by the Weston-based think tank Environmental Library Fund (ELF) and its partner electric vehicle publication Electrifying Times, will give Connecticut companies and their representatives, as well as engineers and academics from surrounding schools, a chance to preserve energy technology innovation in our great state, while reviving all aspects of energy components R&D and manufacture.

What will set this symposium apart from the rest is that ELF, through its long and respectful relationship with Native American environmental interests, is guiding profits generated by Indian Casino Gaming into viable and profitable clean industries. Both the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, with one of this country's most impressive green buildings, are creating whole new ways of doing business in Connecticut, in tune with their earth stewardship and spiritual heritage.

Stay tuned to the BMBB.BIZ website for information on the symposium. Please take time to surf our many links to partner sponsors and participating organizations.


Remy Chevalier                     Marshall Houston                        
Director                                  Technical Consultant

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