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Charles Holmes
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January 5th 2003

Hi Remy,

I have had a chance to spend the last 2 years under the mentorship of biochemist and former Dr. Michael O'Brien
www.bioenergysystems.com. Not only has he healed himself; liver prostate and colon cancer, but thousands of others. It is a lengthy story, and I look forward to sharing it with you one day, in short he says this: "as long as there is a breath in the body and a will to live, all degenerative disease can be rejuvenated." and he has done it, even severed spinal columns. This event is fully documented in Bernard Jensen's book dedicated to Michael "Come Alive."

From what he has explained to me, and I have experienced for myself; from what you have told me, you are probably at about 10 to 15% assimilation of nutrients from food, or from what I thought was food as well. Maximum. If you are not sprouting your grains and legumes, (which have enzyme inhibitors), and cooking your food especially meats (destroying EFA's, enzymes, and altering the molecular structure) your body will soon become depleted of its enzyme resources to offset the imbalance, and the undigested proteins are dumped into the bowel and putrefy. Bad bacteria flourish, feeding on this waste and produce deadly toxins. This is called bowel toxemia, the cause of all disease.

Hemp seed has no enzyme inhibitors, but a complete and balanced source of amino acids and EFA's, in great abundance. I would not ask you to do something I have not done. As one becomes more aware, the less negative KARMA one desires to create. I have treated hemp seed as my main food source for 10 months. I am regenerating and having clearer access to source in all areas of my being, because there is less toxins occurring. It is that simple. If you are willing to try this, you will have a first hand experience of what ESSENTIAL really means.

You have already returned to the understanding of whole foods, now try a diet that more than 50% RAW. Especially your protein source. Hemp seed is the only plant that is largely made up of edestin protein... the backbone of the human DNA. That is why vegetarians have such a hard time with food, as I did. My cravings, especially for meat have stopped. You will feel a balance in your body that is so wonderful, it will be hard to describe.



Diet of the Carmelite Essene- Gospel of Peace

Direct Translation from Aramaic
(Sent by Charles Holmes)

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