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Are Aliens What They Eat?

by Dan Ahrens

Aliens must have a unique ability to absorb foods and proteins. Think for a minute the greys. How do they eat? Tiny slits for a mouth, no noticeable organs for excrement. What if you think of absorption of pure proteins, either absorbed through the skin such as a transdermal patch is used in the medical community or through a solid or liquid food source. We think of transdermal patches used for drug use, but what about a delivery system for food or the basic proteins that are needed for life. This could be done as a simple as wearing a tight fitting uniform that slowly releases the required nutrients into the body. Here on earth we can find a source of pure protein in the webs of caterpillars or bag worms. What if these huge webs could be harvested and used for a source of pure protein to sustain a life form. Interesting to say the least. Could this be the connection with the large amounts of “angel hair” falls in conjunction with UFO’s? The analysis of angel hair samples clearly show that they are very comparable to caterpillar silk, but slightly different (biological engineered). Some abductees have reported the greys as wearing tight fitting uniforms with a high luster or shine to it. This sounds a great deal like the luster and shine of fine silk. Even without a uniform they could immerse themselves in a sort of high protein nutrient bath made from these high level proteins. There are 20 different Amino acids. Caterpillar silk is composed basically of pure protein, Sericine (22-25%) and Fibroine (62.5 to 67%), 18 kinds of amino acids. Protein is a naturally occurring Polymide: In protein the R represents a single carbon atom with two pendent groups attached. One pendant is always a hydrogen atom and the other is a wild card. In humans these proteins are made from Monomers called amino acids. As we said there are 20 different Amino Acids. Each has a different R1 group and a different sequence of amino acids in it. The different R1 groups off of the backbone determine the properties of the protein. Not actually knowing an aliens diet, it would certainly be feasible to think that caterpillar silk would be a good source for a very high level protein and would be easy to obtain and modify genetically.