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Terrorists hijack a plane and strike a nuclear reactor located just outside New York City. Unimaginable? Nuclear horror: from carcinogenic x-rays, to Hiroshima, to the untold tragedy of Three-Mile Island. It can happen.

Monday March 22 / 04

McManus Room


This documentary feature film examines this devastating what-if scenario, as well as the all-too-real history of public exposure to radiation - the silent, invisible and odorless killer - from carcinogenic x-ray exams, to Hiroshima, and to the recent accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. While featuring chilling, formerly classified archival footage shot at government nuclear test sites, the film makes clear that the fatal legacy of nuclear power, post-9/11, is no longer relegated to B&W newsreel or a child's nightmares. The current controversy that surrounds the woefully inadequate emergency evacuation plans for communities situated near nuclear reactors - such as Indian Point - would seem an eerie reflection of President Eisenhower's memo when asked what to tell the public about the dangers of nuclear weapons testing and the construction of power plants: "Keep them confused." Eight percent of the population of the United States, which includes all of New York City, live within a fifty-mile radius of Indian Point.

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