There are two and a half ways to save the earth. Two of them are on the moon.

Gaia Selene
Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon

       Our future and the earth itself are in danger from pollution, global warming, climate change and a looming energy crisis. The energy crisis will lead to a political crisis and continual energy wars. In addition we are discovering very real mega dangers from asteroid strikes and super volcanoes. Space technologies in general and colonizing the moon in particular, as a first step into space, have the potential to mitigate or eliminate these dangers and guarantee a human future. The objective of this work is to connect the populations of those concerned with the earth with the space scientists and visionaries who may have the means to deal with these threats; ...and to bring this issue before the general public.
       Fossil fuel power is destroying the environment and threatening our ability to survive in a number of ways; both directly in terms of earth-altering events and, also, secondarily, in the conflicts engendered by the fact that this precious commodity, vital to the economies of the Developed World, is, to a great part present as finite, non-renewable resources in the Undeveloped World. Our past and present conflicts, to a great extent, are over energy resources which are directly related to personal and national wealth, health and well-being.
       There are two and a half technologies capable of providing abundant, clean, renewable energy and they are all based in space, they are: Space Solar Power, Lunar Solar Power and Nuclear Fusion powered by helium3 harvested from Lunar regolith; i.e. moondust. The nuclear waste from the 3He-3He reaction is H2O, water. Helium3 can be boiled off and transported to earth to fuel stage three helium fusion reactors, such as the prototype now in operation at the Fusion Lab at the University of Wisconsin. Almost at once, nuclear fusion solves the problems of power, of nuclear proliferation and nuclear waste. Is this possible?  We've been to the moon...forty years ago with technology comparable to that in a Dodge Dart! We can go back, now.
       Nanotechnology makes it all possible today.

Documentary Cast
Dr. Alan Binder ::: Principal Investigator - Lunar Prospector
Dr. Martin Hoffert ::: New York University
Daniel Lashof ::: Natural Resources Defense Council
Dr. David Lockbaum ::: Union of Concerned Scientists
Dr. Gerald Kulcinski ::: Fusion Lab, University of Wisconsin
Dr. David Criswell ::: Lunar and Planetary Institute
Dr. Bradley Edwards ::: Institute for Scientific Research
John C. Hemry ::: Author
Dr. David Schrunk ::: "The Moon, its Resources, Colonization”
Dr. Paul Spudis ::: The Presidential Commission on Space
Mark Solter ::: Astrominer
Peter Kokh ::: The Moon Society
Dr. John Lewis ::: "Mining the Sky" U. of Arizona
Dr. Patrick Collins :::
Pat Rawlings ::: SAIC
Paul Graziati ::: Analytical Graphics, Inc.
Wes Bradley, Ed Gee, Ed Mackay, Scott Cross ::: Satellite Tool Kit
Leonard Wilkberg III, Dr. David J. Roddy ::: Scientific Data, Inc.
John Frassanito ::: Frassanito and Associates
Roy Baker ::: Institute for Scientific Research
Cathy Czeiki ::: Nuclear Fusion Lab - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Manny Pimenta ::: Space Frontier Foundation

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