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Brec Morgan is the godfather of the SoNo renovation. It is in his sign shop next to the railroad bridge overlooking Washington Street that the idea to restore SoNo to its past glory was seeded. He secured a grant to paint a mural on the side of Donovans, where this picture was taken, and the rest is history. Brec also painted the mural at Wetlands in New York, now sadly reduced to rubble. While Brec was president of the SoNo Arts Celebration in 1993 he asked Remy to organize its first recycling committee, see on your left. Brec's dream was always to sail the seven seas solo. For the last three years he went around the world in a small sail boat.

Primary target:

Architects for the Staples High School renovation for refusing to incorporate photovoltaics into their design

Fuller and D'Angelo P.C. 
45 Knollwood Road
Elmsford, NY 10523
Tel: 914.592.4444
Fax: 914.592.1717
Joseph Fuller

AltieriSeborWieber have been contracted to do the Staples High School lighting and electrical. They have a staff of 48. 

Kari Nystrom is responsible for Staples: 

Consulting Engineers
31 Knight Street
Norwalk, CT 06851

They have so far been less than cooperative with us.

News Update:

(Since this is now a grave site recently opened for posterity and public scrutiny, for full up-to-the-minute updates, until and unless the Gangs of SoNo really gets started again, go to the CTSOS list on the website to keep posted on things...
- Remy C.)

Thursday Feb 20th 2003

We're a go to tape Bill McDonough at the New York Hilton on the 28th. His office is sending a letter to all the Staples renovation list of usual suspects as I type. 

Parker Coates and I hooked up finally, the email address on his business card had a typo. He and Vagos will meet us at Fairfield U. to film the UniSolar system they installed.

We're planning to catch Shays on Sunday... Jon has been spreading the flyers... Staples teachers are getting involved... We're on a roll.

Wednesday Feb 12th 2003

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I stopped at Town Hall today and shot a few pictures of the Staples 3D model on display inside the Planning & Zoning office. They are posted at the url above.

You can also read the text which Staples students will find when discovering the page, which is linked from the solar section of the Greenburbs website.

Last night Jon & I printed 500 flyers which are now finding their way through the halls of Staples High.

I have also left some at the Nature Center, Pymander Bookshop, and Toquet Hall.

Hopefully by this time next week, we will have made enough noise to warrant a reconsideration of the Staples plan.

The P&Z opens their public hearings tomorrow in the Westport Town Hall auditorium (Thursday) at 7:30PM.

I won't be able to make it. I'm attending the Director's View Film Festival premiere (Daredevil) in SoNo which starts at 7PM. That's my one and only opportunity to promote to the local movie biz set, and I don't want to miss it.

Francis, Ken, if you could get some footage of the P&Z meeting and maybe get some comments from the town's people in attendance as to why solar is so far removed from their consciousness?

Jon if you can get there, hand out some flyers, and try to relate to the audience that the Staples students are not too pleased there are no provisions for solar and green design in the project.

Sunday February 9th 2003

I just got a call from Francis last night... he and Ken showed up five minutes after I left the science fair and got some great footage. I also saw there were two big banners, one in the hall, one in the cafeteria promoting a meeting for the students February 6th about the new building project... synchronicity? I picked up the flyer. It was organized by the Student Assembly and Principal Dr. John Brady gave the presentation. Here's his direct phone: 341-1210 and email: can find all other faculty contacts on:

This is the Staples website renovation page, which has not been update since January of 2002! I'm surprised to see that two CTSOS postings are still up there... It's what they call a "grave" site.

Saturday February 8th 2003

I got a partial list of the Staples Renovation Committee members emailed to me by Jackie Fuchs. But there's only 7 names. The original list I got two years ago from the Westport Town Hall in print, which was used for the Innovative Design DayLighting report mailings, included 40 names, mailing address and phone numbers. But I have no idea what I did with it. I gave John Rountree the list back then. Maybe he still has a copy somewhere... So I will continue asking for a complete and proper list. 

The names I have so far are: 

Yuly Aronson - 17 Poplar Plains Rd. 226-5893
Russ Blair - 58 Woodside Av. 227-6047
Allen Bomes - 9 Bayberry Lane 259-0916
Jay Keenan - One White Woods Lane 454-5647
Howard Maynard - 27 W. Parish Rd. 227-0064
Tammy Pincavage - 3 Nutcracker Lane 226-3215
Tim Wetmore - 14 Guyer Lane 454-5294
Dan Kail, chair - 105 North Av. 226-0944

I attended the Staples Science & Engineering Fair on Saturday February 8th. I picked up half a dozen booklets describing all the booth topics. I spotted half a dozen environmentally related projects, one of them about tailpipe emission reduction which I will publish on the Electrifying Times website as soon as that student emails me the text file.

I found out about the Staples environmental club. It's called Club Earth and the teacher/advisor is Mrs. Duffy. The club leaders are Lisa Goodrich and Lindsay Warren, both seniors. Junior Elyse Rothman, who had a robotic project at the fair, will be one of the club leaders next year. Her mother and father expressed great distress at the current state of the Staples renovation plan, and I suggested they get in touch with John Rountree and ask him if they could take a look at the PV system on his house.

Elyse also volunteers at the Nature Center, now called Earth Space since they lost their website domain name to a porn site company ( I'm not kidding...), and was asking about other groups in the region monitoring river water quality. So I pointed her to the Greenburbs website for a complete listing of all the Long Island Sound related groups.

As soon as Jon has come up with a good flyer design for the Greenburbs website, we will print up a whole batch (like a 1000 probably) and make sure they get spread all over campus...

Another student had a miniature solar powered fuel cell car project. I'll post his picture, with the car in his hands, to the CTSOS list.

><((((> .`..`. <))))>< .`..`.<))))><

The Thursday December 27th edition of the Westport Minuteman newspaper, page 12, published a seething critic of the Fuller design in its letter to the editor section signed by half a dozen local green architects: 

Abraham Rothenberg - 303 Bayberry Lane 226-7351
Lawrence Michaels - 8 Church St South 226-0046
Linda Zamelsky - 69 High Point Rd. 255-2933 (Fairfield)
Thomas Lowrie - 4 Grist Mill Lane 259-6226
John Rountree - 130 Compo Road South 227-1766/7982
Steve Lesser - no address listed in phone book 227-5025
Leo Cirino - 4 Viking Green 226-0034
Gene Seidman - 8 Greens Farms Hollow 226 5881

Full text of letter:

><((((> .`..`. <))))>< .`..`.<))))><

Full contact info for AstroPower photovoltaic company:

Team contacts: 
Remy Chevalier <>; 203-227-2065
Larry Kaley <>; 203-255-4132
David Bedell
<>; 203-972-7194
Starre Vartan <>; 203-853-3343
Brian Howard <>; 203-853-3343
Ken Boehm <>; 203-544-8524
Francis C. P. Knize <>; 203-544-9603
Pat Hinkley <>; 203-240-0647 
Hugh Karraker <>; 203-938-1162
Jon Nowinski <>; 203-247-0310
Jon Torska <>; 203-314-9575

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