Free Energy, UFO Research and the Greens
by Remy Chevalier

(This article was originally written in June of 2001. It was commissioned by Vicky Cooper Ecker for UFO Magazine after she asked me to expand on a letter to the editor I sent them. But then 9-11 happened and it never saw print. It was picked up for Volume 2 of The Universal Seduction, Piercing the Veils of Deception, an amazing compendium by many authors from editor Angelico Tapestra. You can find Volume 1, 2 & 3 at bookstores now.) 

Ask any environmentalist about free energy, and they will dismiss it as hogwash! Is it any wonder then that those free energy researchers who feel they are on to something claim all environmentalists are in league with the Rockefellers and the New World Order to keep free energy suppressed! Without the environmentalists, the free energy community will remain pigeon holed as a fringe group with no credibility. That's the catch-22 that needs to be addressed. Without the green goals of the environmental movement, free energy research has no social outlet.

Forget about defining free energy. Let's just say it's a way to generate power, or rather electricity, without any visible ill effect on the environment, in unlimited quantity, from the ambient energy field that surrounds us. It's a pipe dream in today's global economics. But how else do you explain thousands of daily UFO sightings and persisting rumors of inventors being discredited, labs trashed, prototypes destroyed, lives ruined? 

I would urge those who truly call themselves environmentalists to focus on what Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI is doing, and to read the Disclosure Project mission statement. Dr. Greer has gathered hundreds of testimonials from military insiders who swear free energy technologies are real, and hidden on secret bases all over the world. If this is true, then it's the biggest crime against humanity ever committed. The environmental implications of its suppression are mind numbing.

As the ecological crisis worsens and becomes more evident, so is our need for a quick fix. But environmentalists advocate the soft energy path of solar and wind generated electricity and disregard free energy claims as bogus. Anyone who has seen a UFO fly will tell you that's nonsense. There are objects in the sky that defy the sweet laws of aero and thermo dynamics we have cherished for a century. Perhaps its time to shed some old skin.

The UFO community, in its quest for an end to UFO secrecy, is building bridges between the free energy research community and those environmentalists sufficiently in tune with earth changes to have had a UFO experience. This alliance breaks the conventional knee jerk reaction about claims of perpetual motion. Yet getting environmentalists, UFOlogists and free energy researchers together in the same room to discuss these issues openly has so far proved impossible.

Environmentalists call free energy a myth. Even worse, some feel that the discovery of an unlimited clean energy supply would just make matters worse. Free energy researchers call environmentalists stooges for the Rockefellers who want to keep humanity enslaved to power companies. UFO buffs are often both; environmentalists and believers that free energy is the only explanation for this demonstration of extraordinary technology.

The best thing I can recommend is to start reviewing the current state of new energy research. New Energy News has been publishing a regular newsletter for nearly ten years. Infinite Energy magazine is on all good newsstands, sometimes right next to UFO titles. These editors pride themselves on sorting wheat from chaff and not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

There is an obvious link between photovoltaics, or solar cells, an electromagnetic method of generating electricity, and the work of free energy researchers who claim that if you took it one step further, all ambient electromagnetic fields could also be tapped for power. If you simply stretch a long conductive cable from the ground up into the air a few feet high connected with a positive at the bottom and a negative on the top, the polarity between the two will generate power from the ambient electricity emitted by radio stations, TV stations, etc... When you receive a radio station with an antenna, you are in fact receiving a small electrical charge, in the form of an electromagnetic signal. That signal is then amplified by the batteries in the radio to generate audible sound through a speaker.

I'm guessing that if one would plant hundreds of thin metal rods into the ground, and connect them all in series, it would probably generate an electrical flow. It would be a fun thing to try, even simply as an outdoor performance art experiment. I wonder how much electricity one could generate simply from catching ambient fields, not even trying to tap into this nebulous and fleeting zero-point.

Peter Lindemann, Michael's brother, a regular contributor to UFO magazine, who wrote an article reprinted in Nexus magazine about the state of free energy research, says he does not want to mix it up with environmentalists. He takes the position that you can't change their conviction that free energy is just an urban legend.

Keith Tutt has recently published a book about free energy on Simon & Schuster in England. Jeane Manning published a sequel to her Coming Energy Revolution, only available in Germany. Why? Because her first book sold twice as many copies in German than in English. What do the British and the Germans  know that Americans don't? Henry Stevens of the German Research Project has been in contact with many German historians now re-discovering secret Nazi bases that were sealed off by the Soviets after the iron curtain went up. The evidence is mounting that they were testing a lot more than just rockets...

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that for the last 50 years there has been a systematic funneling of all state-of-the-art bioelectromagnetic science into black ops by the secret government. It started at a time when few could foresee what burning fossil and nuclear fuel would do to our biosphere. Free energy is a million times more dangerous and frightening in the wrong hands than a few pellets of plutonium. So we need, as a species, to come to grips with this, and accept the responsibility.

The caretakers of this knowledge have over-stepped their bounds. You can't teach a child to ride a bike without the bicycle. There now needs to be a process by which secret energy technologies can be brought out as tools of restoration. I, like Greer, fear that when the realization of this decade old conspiracy finally hits the general public (it's already sinking in), it will yield a tremendous backlash. A lot of anger will surface. Those environmentalists who for years denied the possibility that such amazing energy science was possible will feel blindsided and betrayed. All the countries of the world will want America's head for stealing what amounts to be the fire of the Gods and leaving the earth to rot while post-industrial revolution energy families just kept getting fat!

There could be another arms race. The chain reaction Tesla initiated in his New York lab made the whole city shake like an earthquake. It led him to claim he could split the earth in two. That's why he had to move his lab to Colorado. The potential consequences are scary! But what is the alternative? If we don't free FREE ENERGY and commercialize its potential, if we don't confront our secret government pundits with their lie and their cover-ups, then we doom this planet to a slow burn that will transform it into Mars!

We are slowly making all the pieces fit (to quote the band TOOL). It's been a Gargantuan effort that took an entire generation. Now we have to contend with the non-believers who are still stuck in a limited world view, and those who would have us think that the release of these secrets could be more than the Global Police could handle.

It's dangerous medicine, but if we are going to save the planet then we have no choice than to shout like hell for the doors of the Citadel of Science (to quote Robert Anton Wilson) to finally be swung open. It's been leading to that. The demonstrations at Area 51. The hundreds of books and movies about crashing the gates or sneaking inside. Area 51 has become like the brass ring, the Holy Grail. Either there's something there, or there isn't. When will we know for sure? The difference now is that today there's more Schwa head merchandise sold in malls than Mickey Mouse toys, and the public is not going to rest until there's been a full investigation by a citizen review board of all activities at the base.

Remember The China Syndrome, how Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon got the goods by speaking to workers at the plant in the bars they hung out in? Well that's what UFO documentary film makers should be doing, hang out at the bars around the airport in Vegas where all Area 51 workers have a beer on their way home from work every night. The silence will break. Either all the UFO buffs are nuts and we're all crazy, or there's something going on not even TV shows like the X-Files can dismiss. The fate of the earth rests in the balance. That's the real National Security threat!

We are not going to save the planet with only windmills and solar cells. We tried. We failed. We need a major energy breakthrough. There's some really highly qualified people out there who have been ostracized for telling us there is an energy which can be tapped from the vacuum that we are not being allowed to study in Universities for fear of suffering the same fate as John Mack, the Harvard professor who almost lost his tenure for investigating alien abductions, discovering a connection between the UFO abuctee experience and a sudden awakening to environmental concerns.

It's time we change that attitude. It's time we went back to the original writings of the pioneers of electricity who made no distinction between the divine spark of life and the electricity that now comes out of our home wall sockets. It's time we found out what is really going on with the electron. A good place to start might be the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis...

(Recommended reading: Secrets of Cold War Technology & Lost Science by Gerry Vassilatos, Adventures Unlimited Press.)

Remy Chevalier 2001

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