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Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 4:03 AM
Subject: Re: Richard Rose has doubts about HPPC

> hi remy,
> i don't think we've met. please take my name off this spam list. btw, a
> product made from 10% seed cake is neither and isolate or a concentrate.
> best of luck with the scam.
> jcc

Dear Jace,

Don't know who you are either,
but our product is made from 100% seedcake,
not 10%.

And if you keep spreading this rumor,
calling our efforts a scam,
we'll sue you!


But first I'm going to contact your dept. head at your University and
question your integrity as a researcher. Since you have not tested a sample yourself, you have no basis for your assertion.

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There is also no Jace Callaway at the U. of Kuopio, only a James. Are you pertaining to be that person?

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Remy C.


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From: "jace callaway" <callaway@uku.fi>
To: "Remy C."
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 5:05 AM
Subject: ...doubts...

> >...our product is made from 100% seedcake, not 10%.
> <snip!>
> >OK?
> ok. i seem that i have two sets of 'facts' here. i would not like to
> escalate the tone of our exchange, but rather find common ground for
> constructive discussion. if i was in error, then i apologize for calling
> your business a scam. however, i encourage you to contact our department
> chair directly if there is some question about my reputation as a
> researcher.
> would you like to tell me more about your product? i'm just guessing, but
> to arrive at about 40% protein and 10% oil, i suspect that you are pressing
> de-hulled seed and using the resulting seed cake to make your product.
> would you be so kind as to send over a bona fide sample of your product so
> that i can be sure we are talking about the same thing?
> sincerely,
> jcc
> p.s. 'jace' and 'james' are one in the same.
> Jace Callaway, Ph.D.
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