For pictures of the October 7th & 8th street scene in front of New Canaan Town Hall,
renamed Town Hall of Stepford for the occasion,
click here...

Screenwriter Paul Rudnick slyly points out: "Men and women are working in tandem to create the Stepford wife of tomorrow. Once the technology advances, there'll be a Botox babe who runs on solar power."
ŚNew York Times

Stepford Wives Casting Call at Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk
September 24th 2003

I was surprised to learn later, once I got home, that the dude handing out the pencils was in fact the guy running the show... That's a class act! I've seen many cattle calls, and this was one of the nicest, smoothest I've ever experienced... No yelling, no rudeness, no overbearing security steroid inflated bubble heads... Just Tuffy. He's a sweet guy who, for some strange reason, learned early in life that you manage crowds from the bottom up, not the top down. If you want to send him your picture to put on file for future local projects, log on to his website: Tuffy's Eye Candy

(The CT Film Office tells me Tuffy was with Grant Wilfley Casting)

(text & photos: Remy Chevalier)