Project Green Search finalists: From left to right... Zion Francis wearing Stewart+Brown, Leilani Munter wearing Stewart+Brown with McFlashpants jewelry, Karen Pannocchia wearing Stewart+Brown & Charmone shoes, Ariel Clay wearing Mountains of the Moon & Charmone shoes, Erika Schmid wearing Stewart+Brown & Charmone Shoes, Jessica Williamson wearing Deborah Lindquist & Charmone Shoes, Juliana Tran wearing Stewart+Brown & Charmone Shoes, Vanessa  Meier wearing Stewart+Brown & Charmone Shoes, Rachel Avalon wearing Stewart+Brown, Rachael Joy wearing Stewart+Brown & Charmone Shoes (Photos: Todd Westphal) (Location: Environment Furniture, Beverly Hills)

Rachel Avalon - Ecoskin with Smart Glass earrings

Rachael Joy - necklace is McFlashpants

Karen Pannocchia - EcoSkin

Juliana Tran - EcoSkin & McFlashpants necklace

Jessica Williamson - EcoSkin & McFlashpants necklace

Vanessa Meier - EcoSkin & McFlashpants necklace

Erika Schmid - EcoSkin & McFlashpants ring

Ariel Clay - Stewart+Brown & Charmone shoes

Zion Francis - Jonano & McFlashpants jewelry


Leilani Munter - Jonano & McFlashpants jewelry

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