From Bridgeport to the UN to a Christie's Auction...





April 22, 2010

This exhibit was set up inside the Stamford Mall by the Norwalk Stepping Stones Museum for Children. Sadly the drive belt had come off. Kids were turning and turning the crank with none of the bulbs lighting up.
To their credit, the designers included a CFL and LED with the incandescent bulb.

Connecticut candidates for Governor discussing green jobs and manufacturing with Matthew Nemerson of the Connecticut Technology Council at the Stamford UConn GE EdgeLab.

The little house in the background belongs to Sam Vail's SolarGen in Westport.
Sam used to do underwater welding at nuclear power plants around the world.
Sam now designs and builds integrated LED PV systems.

Majora Carter, Adrienne Farrar Houl & Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch at the Barnum Museum.

A symbol of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Bahar Shahpar, Karl Grossman, Jessica Williamson and myself, guests of World Information Transfer to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster with the Ukrainian Mission at the UN.

Brian Howard of The Daily Green with Miranda Kerr of Kora Organic Skincare
and New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton.

Brian with environmentalist David Rockefeller Jr., on the record opposing new license for Indian Point!

The MVS Studio Digital PhotoBooth

One of the artists attending Christie's Green Auction.

Chevy Chase acted as master of ceremony.

Christie's Auction House treated the press like royalty!

Brian Howard with an always resplendissant Ugly Betty producer Salma Hayek.

Long live the lizard queen...

Fashion Trumps Politics while the Bohemian Owl looks on...

The goodie bag ladies from the Christie's auction.



               Time to go home... the decibels at the JoonBug BlackBook Earth Day
               party inside the Juliet Supperclub were too high for my tinnitus to handle...

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