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The fashion industry is experiencing a green explosion, from models becoming conscious of what they sell and wear, to photographers experimenting with ultra-energy efficient LED lighting, to clothing designers going through great length to assure fair trade working conditions and the sustainability of their fabrics. There is a green revolution going on in the trades. Today it's the professional makeup artist's turn to come to the green party.

Launched in 2009 after the success of Project Green Search, the idea for this page came from the many requests I was getting by makeup artists who wanted to start greening their kits. Knowing little about the cosmetics industry, I started asking questions, doing research. I came to realize professionals were quite dependent on the large amounts of free samples and discounts supplied to them by mainstream cosmetic brands.

If this is a condition to putting safe, natural, organic makeup into professional hands, then lets connect makeup artists with forward thinking cosmetic companies ready to do business with them. To this end, GreenMUA has assembled a great team now building the necessary bridges. So far we've identified these brands and companies as working to meet the needs of professional makeup artists wanting to green their kits:

Our listings do not include soaps and perfumes. Many companies produce more than one line of products, but we only list their website once under the product or service we feel they are best known for.

(occasional green lines)

stage makeup

lip stick

hair products (hemp hair spray) (hemp hair spray) (greenwash?) (hair spray) (dry shampoo)

stores (closed) (sells green lines) (canada)

nail polish (polish remover) (Lakur)

skin care (contains parabens) (Trump Network)
(Greece) (Lavtia) (lube) (Jessica Alba) (Face Spray)

balm & salve (All Good Goop)

brushes (ecotools) (bamboo)

eco hair dryers)

sponges (mascara tool)

makeup artist

spa & salon (mobile spa)
(more & more & more)



organic cotton swabs

towels (bamboo)

sample services

Organic Beauty Brands PR Contacts
Organic Natural Beauty Directory
Signers of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics
Advancing Green Chemistry
What is Green Chemistry?

NPA Ingredient Standards



stage makeup
lip stick
hair products
nail polish
skin care
balm & salve
makeup artist
organic cotton swabs
sample services

video channels


- GreenMUA report from the 2011 Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in New York -

World sales of natural and organic cosmetics are projected to surpass the $1.5 billion mark for the first time in 2010, growing by an average of 20 per cent a year, according to market researcher Organic Monitor.

GreenMUA started a thread in the MM forum to discuss these issues. Sadly it was locked by the moderators after 84 posts of contentious debate. What was posted remains.

This stood out from the thread: "I use WAY less disposables now that I used to. I rarely use sponges to apply makeup anymore. I use brushes that are cleaned and sanitized between clients. I use less disposable spoolies, using a brush to apply mascara instead. I used to use disposable plastic backed paper placemats (like they have at nail salons) to keep my work space sanitary and to protect the work surface. I now use a hand towel that I wash and reuse. I use to throw out velour powder puffs after each client. Now I wash and sanitize them and reuse them several times before they need to be trashed. At the end of the day my garbage bag has used cotton balls, a couple of q-tips, and some tissues. Before I was producing way more garbage."

There is an article entitled The Eco-Artist written by publisher Michael DeVellis in the premiere issue of their magazine OnMakeUp.

Cognis develops green formulations and strategies for mass market beauty products.

GreenMUA asked Discovery's Planet Green television channel to institute a green make-up policy on the set of all their original productions. These were the members of their board of advisors.

GreenMUA was mentioned by our friends at The Daily Green on April 7th, 2008.

As this page evolves, it lists contacts at safe cosmetic firms ready to meet the needs of fashion, film and stage professionals. If you'd like to participate in our project, don't hesitate to contact us.

You're also invited to join our GreenMUA Yahoo Group and Facebook page.

Model Mayhem ~ MySpace ~ facebook

Inspiration & Contacts:

Stacy Malkan author Not Just a Pretty Face
Emma Pezzack owner future natural
Courtney Dailey photographer/mua
Megan Claire pro-mua
Anna Griffin publisher CocoEco magazine
Howell D. Fendley & Jay J. Bolus MBDC
Jessa Blades owner of  Blades Natural Beauty
May Lindstrom owner of Green Blossom Beauty and May Lindstrom Skin

Elizabeth Grossman author of Chasing Molecules
Christy Coleman with The Wall Group
Julie Gabriel author of The Green Beauty Guide
Kristen Arnett of Green Beauty Team
Aimee Valentine is The Green Makeup Artist

Lina Hanson, author of Eco-Beautiful
Shades Hair Color Studio in LA
Rose-Marie Swift
of Beauty Truth
Andrea Kane's Organic Beauty Expert
Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey author of The Green Beauty Bible
Evan Beach at Yale Center for Green Chemistry
Todra Payne of The Healthy Beauty Project
Danika Carter of Your Organic Life
Paula Begoun author of Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me
Dasha Grozdanic of Green Make Up
Anne-Marie Van Dijk of CLEANSE
Jillian Wright of Indie Beauty Expo

Tell Congress: Modernize Cosmetics
Regulation H.R. 4395, the Cosmetic Safety Amendments Act of 2012



Facebook group for Green Beauty Bloggers:

National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas

Video Channels

"Cosmetics and personal care products are a lightning rod issue for teenagers. It's one thing everybody does every day. We all wash our hair and brush our teeth, and girls wear make-up. It's a metaphor for looking and thinking about every aspects of our lives."
~ Judi Shils, founder of the Marin Cancer Project (quote from Not Just A Pretty Face)

Photographer Courtney Dailey and Taryn Hipwell of EcoDivasTV produce images and video for use in marketing kits and other promotional materials related to Green Beauty. To have your products featured, please mail samples to 2520 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles CA 90026.

A treasure trove of green make-up info published in 2007

A Green Beauty Magazine

Kristen Arnett's Green Beauty segments on AM northwest KATU

The Story of Cosmetics by Annie Leonard

EcoDivas TV Green Beauty team at the Women of the Green Generation conference

10 Tips on how to choose organic cosmetics from Glamology

(Artwork: Andrew Brady Darker Monkey)

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