Keep Working While Pregnant Green Model Guide
by RemyC & model Jackie Fender









The larger than life sculpture above is by Ron Mueck on permanent display at the National Gallery of Australia. Ron also does Muppets!

"The time you are in "full form" to shoot most maternity stuff is very limited, most companies have indicated to me that they want models around the 7/8 month period when you are really showing. So do your research well beforehand to book jobs in advance...there is definitely an awkward phase that occurs around 5 months when you look more out of shape than really pregnant which is not a good time to shoot." ~ Laurie Mannette

"When you have babies and realize the responsibilities of raising a child extend far beyond that child to the world and what condition we leave it in for them, green no longer becomes a catch phrase but an absoluteness." ~ Beatrix King

Lü found two modeling agencies dedicated to pregnant model placement. Though neither of them seem all too concerned with the health and sustainability issues that matter to us most, regarding the products and services models are asked to represent, times are changing.

If green is your conviction, contact these agencies to request a list of their clients, expressing interest in lending your image only to organic maternity wear companies, and/or products associated for example, under the professional umbrella of such organizations as Gaiam or Lohas, trade associations that require all their member companies to abide by certain environmental rules, guidelines and management principles.

This will assure you a green seal of approval when lending your name and image to a product line. If the agency will not allow you that liberty, move on, there are plenty more opportunities where you can carve out a niche on your own, with other professionals who will lend you their assistance in pursuing your green direction.

The first modeling agency we found is Expecting Models, the brainchild of Liza Elliott-Ramirez who publishes Stork Magazine and stars in the twenty-part series Runway Moms airing on the Discovery Health channel.

An other is Model Scouts which has a pregnant model division.
410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, New York 10022

Pregnant Modeling Search
Post Office Box 1827
Orange, California 92856

Eco Sprout, the children’s line mascot for Round Belly Clothing, was invited to add a token to the "green goodie bags" given out to 300 celebrities in a pre-Oscars party in honor of Al Gore and the "An Inconvenient Truth" production. Their fabrics are baby soft organic cottons and hemps. Round Belly clothing is all designed and manufactured in Northern Minnesota, by mothers who work out of their homes, with children and animals always in the background. Their manufacturing plant is located on the HUG LLC campus that is totally green, with wind generation, solar panel research and development. Contact Agnes Farnam about lending your pregnant image to their company.

5250 24th St SW, Pine River, MN 56474. 218-851-2133

There are quite a few magazines on newsstands dedicated to pregnant moms.

Fit Pregnancy
21100 Erwin Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367  


Pregnancy & New Born
280 Interstate North Circle Suite 125
Atlanta, GA 30339

Mothering is what we call a "green" magazine, meaning they only write about and publish ads from green companies, meaning organic cotton wear, natural products, etc... They also will only accept ads for alternatively fueled automobiles, organic foods and wines, you're starting to get the picture... it's about getting everybody into the act... so the next generation, the one in your round belly now, has a little bit left to call a planet!

Mothering Magazine
1807 Second Street Suite 100
P.O. Box 1690
Santa Fe, NM 87505

505-984-8116 Fax 505-986-8335

I'm Pregnant Magazine
185 Fleet Street
London EC4A 2HS UK
Tel: 44 1382 575130

The Green Parent
PO Box 104,
East Hoathly
Lewes BN7 9AX UK

Tel: 44 01825 872858

Green Baby
2QR Leroy House
436 Essex Rd
London, N1 3QP UK

Tel: 44 01772 331833
Green Parenting

This is a good page full of green baby links:

E The Environmental Magazine has published a wonderful, informative cover feature about the green maternity lifestyle. Both the ad director and managing editor are raising newborns!

Maternity Clothing from Bella Materna

Pea in the Pod boasts the biggest luxury maternity store in America at 860 Madison Avenue at 70th Street in New York.

Former Vogue editor, Liz Lange has created a collection of "must-haves," developed from classic American styles. 958 Madison Avenue between 75th and 76th. NYC.

Glamourmom nursing tank-top

Great Expectations, How Pregnancy Affects a Model's Career by Lisa Johnson.
Courtesy of Model Network and Tearsheet Magazine.

We will constantly be updating this page as we discover more and more related information.


"My experience with pregnant modeling was a lot better than I expected, my train of though about modeling stayed the same, I didn't want to do 'Look at me I'm a pretty mommy,' I wanted to stay sexy, push the limit and do the shots no one else would!"

~ Julia Madura
(Body painting art by Paul Roustan)

The amazing image below is courtesy of photographer Mr. Lovely in Britain. His model Keira is 7 months pregnant... a testament to how incredibly sexy mothers to be can be.

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