- Laia's Mom took this one, Christin Olivier -

"I would like to meet thoughtful, compassionate, very creative people who are trying to make $$$$$$ to help buy things like SOLAR PANELS, HYDROGEN-POWERED CARS & WINDMILLS and ORGANIC foods and Paul Newman ORGANIC foods (he is a big philanthropi$$$$t) and REALLY help make the world a MUCH BETTER place and still have a blast... too much candy very SANPAKU... sugarblues... PHILANTHROPI$$$$T$$ and ANGEL inve$$$$Tors who have money to spend on these kind of things to help set an example for the rest of the people who just can't get it through their heads, or don't have enuf $$$$$ to do it themselves."
~ Laia (from myspace)

You can reach Laia & her brother Andreas (Shashi)
on My Space & Model Mayhem

Laia's Zombie Dodgeball MTV clip

We'd like to thank the Bakken Museum & the Green Institute in Minneapolis
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