June 9th 2008

Phyllis Segura, Remy Chevalier and myself had a fun little scouting tour that took us to 4 farms in Rockland County: The Orchards of Concklin, Van Houtens in New City (former Cropsey), Van Houtens in Pearl River, and Joy Macy’s Blue Field Farm in Blauvelt.

Remy and Phyllis took some good shots while I was busy chatting away with the very receptive friendly and hard working farmers.

I get a feeling of amazement from them (especially the established farmers like Linda Hill of Concklin and Jim Van Houten) that people are actually interested in their work and that the RFA even exists.

Perhaps a pinch of skepticism, but nonetheless willingness and support towards our efforts came across from them.
~ Alexandra Spadea

Click here for Phyllis Segura's images

The Orchards of Concklin

Van Houtens in New City

Van Houtens in Pearl River

Joy Macy’s Blue Field Farm in Blauvelt

More scenes from Rockland County

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