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Celebrate Green Lighting!
July 14, Bastille Day 2010
8 pm

Hiro Ballroom
88 9th Ave. (at 16th St.)

New York City

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Anyone and everyone with something to say, something to sing, will have three minutes on stage. Commoners and celebrities alike. Poets, musicians, activists, dreamers, salesmen, dancers... three minutes to express your dismay, desire or involvement in shutting down Indian Point! (or BP)
If You Can’t Make It In The Flesh, Watch Our Event Live on WBAIX.



Founded in 2006, Rock The Reactors has been waging a relentless battle to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant 35 miles North of Manhattan on the Hudson River.

Now it's time to sum it all up, turn up the volume, all get together, thinkers, philosophers, actors, musicians, scientists, politicians, models, painters, lawyers, carpenters, farmers, electricians, architects, designers, stockbrokers, all those of us who make up what has become green New York, to tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, that enough is enough!

Let's tell the NRC we won't stand for this old and dangerous power plant operating so close to so many people any longer, that we don't need it, that we now have LED technology to dramatically reduce electrical consumption all over the state!

The Indian Point nuclear power plant is on its last stretch to receive an extended new license that would enable it to keep running for another 20, maybe 40 years... tempting fate, while cancer rates, leaks, close calls and cold sweats perpetuate, having sunk the local population into a sad state of perpetual complacency. Wake up, it's the 21st Century, there's better ways to make a mere 2000 megawatts than threaten 20 million people with annihilation!!!

Join us on Bastille Day, July 14 in New York, to put the final stake into Indian Point's heart, finish what Musicians United For Safe Energy started back in 1979 with the No Nukes concert series.

We will commemorate Madame Curie who died on the 4th of July 1934 from aplastic anemia contracted from exposure to radiation. Françoise Giroud, ELLE magazine's founding editor, wrote Marie Curie: A Life, emphasizing her role as a feminist.

Come celebrate LEDs with the authors of Green Lighting, McGraw-Hill's new book in their Green Guru Guide series.

Bastille Day at the Hiro Ballroom will host the East Coast launch of the 2010 Project Green Search modeling competition, in partnership with the Greenloop, Greendrinks, GreenMUA and Global Green USA. 

Back in 1984, Indian Point was the site of the largest, best recorded UFO sighting in America. What do they know that we don't?

Sonic soundscapes provided by Martin Ear. Performance by C.B. Heinemann.

Be the power, be the change!

Bring LEDs!!!

Remy Chevalier
Founder & Benevolent Leader

General Admission:
$20 cash at the door!

Larger Checks Accepted
Heroes: $50
Patron Saints: $100
Lords of the Realm: $250
Masters of the Vellum: $500+
(Made out to Remy Chevalier)

(Monies raised will go to purchase LED growlights for Rockland County farrmers, support Sherwood Martinelli's legal efforts, and other creative action aimed at shutting down IP, favoring young, new media organizers.)


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(This Morgan Page video is here not because he is scheduled to perform, but
because we like it. The track is in the spirit of the event... and we'd love to have him!)



LED row on the Bowery, all lighting stores increasing their LED selections. Notice the now sadly boarded up Collective Hardware experiment.