Michael McDonough & Andy Neal

"AHOY! Where Lies Henry Hudson?"

June 13, 2009 to October 12, 2009
Curated by Linda Weintraub

Organized by the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild
34 Tinker St Woodstock, NY 12498

LIT is the first in a series of light sculpture installations throughout the Hudson Valley by architect and artist Michael McDonough and lighting designer and inventor Andy Neal. The Quadricentennial memorial celebrates the spirit of exploration that is epitomized by Henry Hudson. This legacy, rooted in the Hudson Valley, has been confirmed throughout the centuries. A current example is embodied in this installation. Collectively known as LIT GREEN, the LIT sculpture SERIES comprises an innovative LED lighting system. One of its many innovations is that it is zero energy/zero carbon footprint lighting run on direct current (DC) from solar panels.

LIT refers to a symbolically "lit fuse" of technological and artistic innovation in the 21st-century. The project is literally lit by the power of the sun, and figuratively a call to innovation and the cultural, scientific, and economic force that such innovation can become. To that point, the LED lamps used in the sculpture - one of the most energy efficient sources of artificial light on earth - are manufactured in the Hudson Valley by Neal's firm, ANL Ltd.

McDonough explains, "The Hudson Valley has been a hot spot for innovative cultural and scientific technology for 400 years. From the engineering that engendered the Brooklyn Bridge, to the birth of American landscape painting, to modern American tourism, the social equality and liberation movements of the 1960s, and the environmental movement, a sense of discovery and innovation proceeds from Henry Hudson's ships plying northward from the sea in 1609 to the now nascent "tech valley" industries of today." ANL Lighting Ltd. is an award-winning company whose mission is to develop leading-edge technology LED lighting solutions. Products are typically configurable to offset energy beyond existing LEDs, and to run perpetually for 50,000 or more hours on any current or current type in the world. ANL is actively seeking strategic partners and investors for expansion into global markets. Its flagship product line is the award-winning ILLUMA system, representing a holistic evolution into the next generation of energy-efficient lighting systems.

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