OCT 13, 2011

On October 13th 2011, a select group of Riverkeeper supporters gathered at the home of Joan & George Horning in Manhattan to discuss the future of the Indian Point nuclear power plant.

George Horning is working with Lighting Science  in Florida to install LEDs in all his homes and businesses.

Hamilton Fish, publisher of the Washington Spectator, introduced the Synapse report (PDF) on replacement power for Indian Point.

Jon Kamen, the chairman of Radical Media, unveiled the public relations campaign they are designing to bring the dangers of Indian Point to the attention of the general public.

David Gold, an attorney and principal of Global Health Strategies, announced the formation of a regional business association in support of shutting down Indian Point.

The evening was also spend discussing the ongoing DEC hearings in Albany over Entergy's appeal of their revoked water permit where Riverkeeper and the NRDC are testifying to uphold the decision.

For more and much sharper pictures of the event, click into Photography by Annie Watt.


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