Gathering of the Vibes, early afternoon
Thursday July 31st 2008

It was my first year at the Vibes. I helped with the solar stage, powered by Always Build Green, lining up a few things. The organizers were kind enough to let me have a pass, which I was only able to enjoy on Thursday afternoon as everyone was still arriving and setting up.

There was a great sense of anticipation in the air as campers still prepared for the four day weekend of good food, drink and music.

The next day I was off to Woodstock for the Rock The Reactors benefit at the Colony Cafe, and on Sunday I took it easy by walking the SoNo Arts Celebration promoting our new activism center, The Aquarium.

Maybe next year I'll be able to spend some more quality time in Seaside Park. Till then, enjoy these casual healthy and happy hippy shots.

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