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Dare we say a Hudson river valley anti-nuclear Australian coalition is born!


Benny Zable photographic essay of the first Beacon Sloop Club Alternative Energy Festival 2007

Thu, 27 Sep 2007

A double rainbow event.

A photographic essay of The Beacon Sloop Club's first Alternative Energy Festival September 23rd, 2007

My journey began from my New York West Side Cultural Center on a glorious sunny day. I took the subway train from 72nd street to Times Square, and then the shuttle to Grand Central.

I brought with me the enlarged Helen Caldicott letter to Rupert Murdoch which has been since the action outside News Corporation (Friday September 7th), a theme installation that warns the existing dangers of the Indian Point nuclear reactors.

The Beacon train station is just opposite the Beacon Sloop Club, famous home of the Clearwater and Woody Guthrie sloop campaigns to clean up the Hudson river, lead by founder and folk legend Pete Seeger.

The Alternative Energy Festival is a new addition to the myriad of festivals which are held at this most beautiful scenic spot, on the banks of the Hudson river.

This festival focused was on Climate Change issues. The local Sunday Farmers Market was surrounded by demonstrations and alternative information tents. There was a Children's area stage set up where the Woody Guthrie sloop was sailing free rides throughout the day.

The opening act at the dock side stage were the Woodcrest Community Kids, a local school choir, who sang a medley of Pete Seeger songs. After the set, Pete Seeger held a session with them behind the Sloop Club.

Pete Seeger opened discussions at the Environmental Focus Tent. He shared a spot with environmental columnist for the New York Times, Andy Revkin, who emphasized how all this beautiful environment on the banks of the Hudson will soon be under water.

Pete spun storytelling and song throughout the day with different people at all the stages. It was a joy to be around him and his friends throughout the day.

It was a rainbow style Nimbin Aquarius, Channon Market, Byron Bay playful creative setting.

Pete Seeger told the story and demonstrated the workings of his fully electric pick up truck.

Gloria Waslyn, (Bird Lady) Parrots for Peace, is a most creative interactive installation artist, who I met at the International Day of Peace vigil in Central Park educated and entertained us through the day with her Amazonian parrots Baby and Merlin.

It was a most productive day for me promoting ECOFEST to be held September 30th at Lincoln Center in New York City, and networking the Helen Caldicott inspired US roadmap for a Carbon-Free and Nuclear Free Energy Policy.

The day climaxed with this wonderful convergence at the main stage at which I got inspired to place the IF THE EARTH WERE ONLY A FEW FEET IN DIAMETER in front of Pete Seeger and friends, dressed up in my costume and paraded the enlarge Dr. Helen Caldicott's letter for the final song WE AIN'T GONNA STUDY WAR NO MORE.

Just like at the Peace Boat Nagasaki
concert August 9th at the Dag Hamjald Plaza, Pete came out to read what I had displayed and posed in aphoto for me with Helen's letter.

PS: If you have not done so, please nominate Pete Seeger for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize

Yours Benny Zable for healing ourselves, one another, the Earth.

Notice the issue of Home Power magazine peering just a tad?

Benny Zable, Card Carrying Environmentalist!