"Connecticut Green Party leaders gather outside Bloodroot, the feminist restaurant and bookstore in Bridgeport"

On October 21st 2006, members of the Green Party in Connecticut and Diane Farrell, Democratic Congressional candidate in the 4th District, who lost to Chris Shays in a very tight race November 7th, met to discuss throwing Green Party votes towards her campaign in exchange for Indian Point closure support.

A deal was reached and Green Party candidate Richard Duffee pulled out to endorse Farrell. This act of "coalition politics" got National attention, lambasted as a sell out, both by Democrats and Greens alike. We will never really know if Farrell's decision to make a deal with us either gave her the additional ballots she needed to seriously challenge Chris Shays, or ultimately cost her the election.

What the public didn't know, was that on this day also, Diane got very passionate about our troops in Iraq. She didn't know she was being filmed by my hand held camera. Her campaign manager became visibly upset at the prospect of this footage reaching the Republican camp.

Diane called me that afternoon. I didn't want to do anything Diane felt could be harmful to her victory, so I honored her wish that this footage not be aired until after the election. I still think that had it been shown prior, if the media had taken hold of it, it would have played in her favor.

In the 80's, I suggested Barry Commoner use the word "Bullshit" in his Network TV spots. (listen to audio file) That's what we were all saying out loud, that Republicans and Democrats are full of it. I discovered there was a law still in the books disallowing media censorship of presidential commercials. So it aired, Barry said the B word, and for the first time in the campaign, the Citizens Party got National attention.

Who is to know if the same thing would not have happened here. I don't think it would have been another "Dean" going ape... I think it would have shown Diane to be the warm, passionate, dedicated person that she is... I think you will agree when you see this, that we are going to miss not having Diane where Chris sits. (RemyC.)

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