Chapter #2

Another Day, Another Scar.

It’s 3 AM, Do You Know Where Your Children Are.

The “Bouncing Lady” stops short of the harbor buoy. The ship lays idle on the moonlit sea. The rubber king pulls a cell phone from his vest, dials a number, punches a few keys and waits. In the distance the limo racing down the peer blows up, spewing wild pieces of metal and glass towards his men.

Zora barely has time to jump out as she noticed the phone light go ballistic. She rolled around on the asphalt and falls on the deck below. A young boy, sporting a big grin of satisfaction and surprise, stands over her as she checks herself for burns and bruises.  Not everyday a bleeding comic book fantasy lands in his lap outside his cyber dreams: 

“Need help?” 

“Isn’t it past your bed time?” 

“You woke me up!” 

“Got a boat?” 

 “Daddy’s boat. Got the keys right here” as he waves them over her face like a carrot to a donkey. 

“Aren’t you a bit young for me, kid?” 

 “Need help or don’t you?” 

“See that big boat out there? That’s where I need to go.”

“Step this way” he assures her, grabbing her hand and starts to run. 

They duck bullets showered over them and hop into a speedboat the Aga Khan would envy. At the single turn of a key the 800 hp engines roar in a wake smashing against the docks.

 “Got a wetsuit?” 

“In the cabin, it belongs to dad’s girlfriend, should fit.” He says waving curls with his hand. 

“You deserve a spanking!” 


“Sick kid” she murmurs.

She peels the left over rubber from her battered body and slips on the O’Neil glove suit.

“Get close, I’ll dive from the back and swim around. You make circles in the water and attract lots of attention like the rotten spoiled brat you are!”

“No problem, it’s date then, OK?”

“Yeah, if I live through this.”

She disappears into the darkness.

He gets closer and starts acting like a curiosity seeker looking for some action. A security guard shouts for him to get lost or he’ll shoot, then fires over his head, giving Zora just enough time to climb the hull and spring on him.

“Go home” she yells “your fun’s over.”

She dives into the galley and takes the other guard by surprise, breaks his neck and pokes an eye out for good measure, and the slimy sensation of oozing bodily fluids dripping from her finger. The rubber king catches her from behind and clocks her lights out with an erotic bronze statue of two vestal virgins, each stroking the erect penis of a Greek Centaur. He takes a close look to make sure he didn’t break off anything and puts his prize possession back on the mantle.

Zora woke up with a strange tingling sensation between her legs. She laid naked on a cold steel stab with alligator clamps grasping her nipples and wires stretching to dials and digital readouts. The woman who had bathed her in latex awhile before was monitoring a computer screen.

“Back for more?”

Zora did not reply.

“My name is Asia, you are extremely beautiful.”

She ran her hand in Zora’s hair.

“He likes you. That’s why you are still alive. He wants to play some more.”

Asia toyed with the controls and a sensation of pleasure erupted in her belly, spreading through her whole body, making her forget the pain. Rushes of hormones flooded her spine and sweat flowed from her skin.

“What are you doing to me?”

“Sending carefully crafted bioelectromagnetic algorithms to your glands. Just a little more volume and it could kill”

“Why do you work for this monster?”

“He owns my family back in Singapore. He…”

“Don’t get too attached my dear, she is fish food.” He had walked in, commanding attention.

“You have something that belongs to me.”

She remembered the bug she left behind and the tape she took from Ymer. 

“You vaporized it.”

He pushed Asia aside and turned up the juice. The gentle waves of sensuality changed into burn. Intolerable pain replaced the loving caress. She twisted like bacon on the grill. He pinched the clamps on her breasts and punctured the flesh. He leaned over her face and rammed his hand against her crotch, driving the probe deep inside. She was about to explode from the inside out, like a grenade, splattering guts all over the room. 

His body shook and he turned blue, collapsing like a sack of shit on the floor. Asia had knocked him out with a taser gun.

“Enough is enough. Come, let me show you”

She untied Zora and helped her on her feet, handed her a robe. They walked down a few steps into a dungeon. Two very badly beaten girls were trembling in a cage like animals.

“Don’t let them out. They’ve been here a year. They have gone mad. We will take care of them when we can.”

Before he could resist, they had their captive tied naked to a chair with duck tape in front of them. Asia crawled on the silk sheets of the master bedroom and kissed Zora’s wounds, licking every drop. They got lost into each other, forgetting their torturer. Enemies no more, healing hands and loving touch made up for the master’s orders. They forgot about him and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

He came to as they slept and methodically wiggled free. This time he wouldn’t play cat and mouse. He’d finish them off. He cracked open a secret compartment in the wall, chose a semi-automatic with a silencer and moved in close. He lifted the sheets with the barrel and caressed Zora’s leg with the black tip of his gun.

Zora’s keen sense of danger revived her. Her took aim. She sprung hopelessly as the shot fired. He missed at close range, but did not pull the trigger again. He had a look of amazement in his eyes. He threw up and fell to his knees in shock. The kid was in the doorway, the rubber band of a harpoon dangling. Asia rubbed her eyes.

“What happened?”

“What’s your name kid?”


“Aren’t your parents going to wonder where you are?”

“I’m adopted”

“How did you…”

“ I was watching you through the port hole”

“Come here kid, you can do anything to me. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yes mam!” There was little left to corrupt in this child.

The next morning they climbed on deck. They had drifted away from shore. Asia was free. Zora got even.

“What now?”

“We’re pirates!”

 “Pirates of the Virgin Isles”

“Orion, start the engines. Head east.”

An hour later they saw it in the distance. A huge cruise ship, with dozens of smaller vessels huddled against it.

“It’s the Bordella” Asia told them “Less than a thousand billionaires control half the world’s wealth. This is where half of them come to play and spend their fortune. A girl can stand two months on board and return to the mainland with enough money to open a beauty parlor or an art gallery. Children just get tossed aside. The ship hasn’t moved in five years. We can get close, get on board, until they find my master is dead.”

“Long live the master.”

Orion dropped anchor near, his speedboat solidly tied to the bow. A small shuttlecraft approached the Bouncing Lady. Asia greeted the welcome wagon.

“The master is not feeling well. He will join us later this evening. It will only be the three of us for now.

“Oh, a child, such a beautiful child…” The elder woman in a long cape took Orion’s cheeks in her palms and was about to give him a kiss.

“He’s mine.” Interrupted Zora.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t realize he was accounted for”

“Well, he is, so paws off” Orion grabbed Zora’s waist and hugged real hard.

Zora, Asia and Orion had nothing to lose and mischief in mind. A world was opening up to them only the most obscure secret cabals experience. The sea air thrilled their lungs. The master’s body sank like a rock to the bottom of the ocean. The caged girls hidden deep in the engine room would have to wait till they return. They had a few hours to actualize their fate before all hell would break lose. The noonday sun was hard on them. It brought to light the perversity of what they were about to unleash on this floating sin city.

Stay Tuned for Chapter 3... maybe.

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