Margarite d'Arsinoe


I've known Sam all my life... I've probably known Sam long before I was even born. I knew Sam as Zhora, when she landed in 1973 Paris with her friend Heavenor on the Champs Elysees in a little broken down VW bug.

They'd been driving around Europe, but Sam was at the end of her rope, she wanted to go home, to DC, to her mother, to her dogs... She didn't have time for the likes of me.

I write about Sam in my book ELLE on Earth. She was my first true love... But as most loves in my life have been, they've always been tragic.

Sam and I wrote to each other feverishly, I still have these letters, until one day, the letters stopped. We fell into each other's heads but never could find it in ourselves to fall into each other's arms.

Instead we led separate lives... Until, a few months ago, Sam, now Margarite, her true maiden name, finds me on the Internet, and we start catching up... we've been catching up ever since.

She's a wonderfully talented artist, who despite a feature in ELLE Decor, never prostituted her gift. It remains as it is,  poignant, inspired by the strangest of places, the stuff Juxtapoz is made of.

Sam lives on a farm in Virginia with her horses and art. The Govinda Gallery in DC gave her a great big exhibition where we met again in the 90's when Wetlands opened.

This summer sometime, maybe, if my heart can take it, I'll take the drive down to visit. 

I hope this homage to a real character, who lives her life for Universe rather than the hollow ground of fame and fortune, will please her.

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