Springtime For Arnold

"Arnold is the biggest star in the world ever to be elected to public office in the history of the earth!"
Bonnie Reiss, Arnold's chief of staff, E! Television "Arnold & Maria" special

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The Fabulous Life Of
Arnold Schwarzenegger



Schwarzenegger's eco-priorities
Hydrogen filling stations every 20 miles on major interstates by 2010.
Solar energy in half of all new houses in California by 2005.
Cut air pollution by 50 percent in California.
Direct state agencies to accelerate use of the cleanest vehicles available.
Retire those heavily used state vehicles that do the greatest harm to air quality.
Prevent coastal oil drilling.
Reduce energy consumption by 20 percent within two years.
Protect parks and open spaces.
(source: MSNBC)

President Schwarzenegger?

CBS 60 Minutes:
Normally, even a first-term California governor with Schwarzenegger's poll numbers and star power would be talked about as a potential future presidential candidate. But being foreign-born, he can't run. There are attempts to change that. He is ineligible to run for president. Would he like to be able to? Would he like to see an amendment to the Constitution?

"Yes. Absolutely," says Schwarzenegger. "I think, you know, because why not? Like with my way of thinking, you always shoot for the top. But it's not something that I am preoccupied with. I am not thinking one single minute about that. Because there's so many things I have to do in California, and my promise was to straighten out the mess in California."

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