In the Summer of 2006, Remy Chevalier drove down the old Route (see TheBox66) to promote electric vehicles. Along the way, he met Jim Conkle of the Route 66 Preservation Foundation.

They formed an alliance, and the Electric Highway was born.

In the Winter of 2007, Jim met with Electrifying Times publisher Bruce Meland, Willow Springs Raceway owner Bill Huth and ex-AC Propulsion's Tom Gage at the EVS-23 conference in Anaheim.

Many more clean vehicles industry leaders are coming on board everyday, planning the Electric Highway caravan from Santa Monica to Chicago and back.

Please contact Jim Conkle at 760-617-3991 or Remy Chevalier at 203-227-2065.

The Electric Highway, Route 66 Alliance and the Green Roadway Project held a joint press conference in Santa Monica on June 24, 09.
Read the article in the Santa Monica Daily Press
See Bob Waldmire's Electric Highway map

The old Route 66 weaves from Santa Monica through 40... then 44 from Oklahoma City.. then 55 from St Louis all the way up to Chicago. You can highlight Route 66 on this EV Charger Google map of the USA as a scenic route option: Look for "Trip Planner" at the top of the page. Click on it, and you can enter a starting and ending address - PlugShare will show you the route with charging stations along the way. You can drag sections of the route and force it to go where you'd like (e.g. moving the route off of I-40 and onto Route 66).

GoE3 Tesla 66 Fun Run

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