Tall Paul's Tiki Mobile Amphibious Car

Tall Paul built his amphibious car in 1999 from scratch by scavenging junk yard parts. Born and raised in Norwalk Connecticut, Tall Paul, who is a very sprite 59 years old, has been building interesting vehicles all his life, mostly racing cars for oval track, which he used to race himself.

What all of South Norwalk has now nicknamed the Tiki Mobile was launched into the water five years ago to great fanfare with a Channel 12 television crew looking on and filming. We're now trying to get Cablevision to dig up the old video tape for the Tiki Moon Lounge.

Tall Paul isn't asking very much for his amphibious car. He's proud of it, had fun with it, but now wants to pass it on to someone who will take the same pride in it and care for it properly. Paul rides the Tiki Mobile in the Norwalk Memorial Day Parade every year!

It's got a 230cc 4 cylinder Mustang engine and runs on hydraulics. The fuel thank is a 10 gallon fuel cell bladder. It will go into salt water, then you only need to wash it off good afterwards, and grease the universal joints.

Tall Paul is a licensed plumber/contractor. The Tiki Mobile is presently only registered as a vessel. In the water it will go up to 6 knots! But it's top speed on land is only about 20 mph. It could go a little faster, but there's no shocks.

Connecticut still has a law in the books disallowing slower moving vehicles from becoming street legal, which is preventing Neighborhood Electric Vehicles like the DaimlerChrysler GEM from gaining the same popularity here as they are now enjoying elsewhere in the country. So in Connecticut the Tiki Mobile requires transport plates and/or a flat bed truck for transport.

Tall Paul will accept any reasonable best offer. Please call me, Remy C. at 203-227-2065 to be put in touch with Paul.

Remy C.
Tiki Moon Man