Betcee May, Seth Leitman and I drove to Indian Point on a beautiful spring day. Took us awhile to find the right vantage point to shoot Betcee with the plant. I'd only been to Peekskill two or three times in my life. Other than seeing the plant from a distance on sinuous 9A along the edge of its steep mountain curves, I'd never sought out the best place to contemplate it before. Almost too apprehensive to go take a closer look.

Once we realized there was no good accessible spot on the Eastern side of the river, we made a wide detour North to back track down 9W on the other side of the Hudson. Soon we found a water's edge embankment right in front of the plant. There's a few homes there, with a place to park along the railroad track quiet enough for a picnic.

It was three o'clock sun, much too bright a light to achieve anything more than a document of our passing. Sunset would be the magic hour. By accident I left my favorite scarf behind, which I'd hung on a branch for a moment. It's easy to be distracted when you're with Betcee.

Betcee's father installs solar energy for a living, so she's passionate about the issue. Sadly the garbage laden park is a testament to a lack of care towards the surrounding area. Regardless of whether or not nuclear power might resolve its technical issues, Indian Point being the oldest plant in the country, it might be time to decommission. And wouldn't everyman on the planet give Betcee what she wants.

You can see more pictures of the day on Rock The Reactors & Electrifying Times.

Photography by Remy Chevalier
25 Newtown Turnpike
Weston, CT 06883

April 10th, 2006

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