Betcee May Pulp Princess

Renaissance fairs have never been like this! You wish they could be, well, some of them might. I know that one I went to in Tuxedo New York years ago had the mud wrestling wenches take it so far over the top, management had to tell the girls to quiet it down a tad because mom's and dad's were having a hard time explaining what the falling out of dress fuss was all about to their ten year old.

These are in fact some of the original props from Xena Warrior Princess Michael Alan Grapin has lovingly collected that Betcee is wielding. Who wouldn't want to die at her hand? A swift easy ecstatic death.

But no, fate is too sweet, so while in real life Betcee May is shutting down nuclear power plants and promoting electric vehicles, she's here now, acting out the fantasy of
Sherazad in A Thousand and One Nights.

This is where some of her most loyal fans want her to be, being Betcee, outrageous, demure, giggling, incarnating comic book characters for the camera.

When Michael isn't shooting damsels in distress and barbarian queens inspired by old pulp sequels, he owns and operates the Paramus Fabric Center in New Jersey.

These images remind us of the amazing Lana Clarkson who was the inspiration for the role of Xena in a series of wonderfully sexy sword and sorcery B-movies. Sadly Lana met an untimely death in 2003 at the hand of a twisted music producer who's only claim to fame had been a few silly pop songs!

Betcee studied theater and set design before embarking on her nude modeling career. She is now on the verge of a different kind of stardom, with many movie offers on her plate, but also many real world projects taking precedent over the two dimensional universe.

If these fun photographs are any indication, we can only imagine what's in store for us when she finally accepts that movie role which will put her 10 feet high on the silver screen, and miles deeper into our hearts.

Betcee doesn't realize it yet, but she's got a huge cult following online. She communicates with hundreds of photographers and art directors, planning her schedule. But so many others are cyber stalking her now. Young boys (and girls) see in Betcee a young heroine, a role model, a woman making her own way through cyber space, traveling the world with Francis, her faithful cosmic dog.

Her photographs are being downloaded by millions of loyal followers, and still, to this day, Betcee has kept Hollywood at bay, waiting for that one great part she can sink her teeth into and shine, as with all the other things she

She's a muse to so many... photographers, writers, thinkers, even scientists now, all competing for a little slice of her time and attention. She's still learning her craft, and wants to be ready when the time comes, which should be soon, we hope.

Gearing up South of Chicago for example is the new AUP movie studio, which will revive the old pulp sequels, with live action and CGI vector rendering.

AUP is begging Betcee to become one of their star players. Maybe she'll just come down to Kempton to cook up a storm for the cast and crew.

Can you imagine Betcee as anything she might want to conjure up, fighting demons and monster and space aliens? We sure can, and we can't wait! But she'd rather fight them in real life than at the movies. She's going to break so many more hearts before she's through, before she hangs it all up to be the world's greatest green cook!

Michael writes:

"Betcee May has a wonderful ability to take on the persona of the character she is portraying whether she's Wonder Woman doing a strip tease or a Warrior Princess combating the forces of evil... and she's always gorgeous! In addition to the Wonder Woman and the Harem Girl, we shot Betcee brandishing a katana and wearing a Samurai helmet that was actually a screen used prop from Xena Warrior Princess."

Text by
Remy C.



Betcee May


Pulp Covers courtesy of
Pulp World

Photos by

Michael Alan Grapin

There are 19 more images of Betcee in Michael's new book
Warrior Princess:
The Erotic Fantasy Photography of Michael Alan Grapin

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