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Big Igloo is about putting a lot of happy friendly people under a big dome, playing extraordinary music, and creating a light and sound environment that will maximize the experience applying everything we know about synchronizing light waves and sound waves together.

But due to the sensitive nature of the information contained on the Big Igloo pages, I felt a need on 9/11 to change the web addresses on my Big Igloo pages to make this information harder to find for certain people. I feel a responsibility that this new science not be abused by agendas other than simple entertainment and spiritual jolting. But I returned everything back to normal. I need these pages up and easily accessible to continue pitching the project to prospective investors and to network researchers, artists, and musicians into making Big Igloo a reality. 

Since the knowledge, contacts and information contained in the Big Igloo pages could also be used to run to Radio Shack and make relatively easy to build brainwave interference emitters, I'm asking you to be extremely vigilant. I don't have the means necessary to password protect these pages, short of simply taking them down. Or to know if anyone out there reading them is sick or crazy enough to put this technology and these ideas to destructive use.

Yet, there are pages on the Net with information ten times more detailed than these, so I'll take a wait and see attitude. I have just organized a simple, convenient portal to them all, and that's where my apprehension comes from. I need for you to be aware of this. 

If you have suspicions about anyone making or trying to make biolectromagnetic or psychotronic weapons, people who don't have Big Igloo and this project's best interest at heart, and do not simply want to view these pages for entertainment or medical purposes, but instead wish to dissect them for potential leads to sensitive material, then call me immediately at 203-227-2065. 

If Big Igloo is to become a reality, it must build the necessary bridges to assure the use of the technology be done in the sanest and safest way possible. I know this is a pain, and it makes selling the Big Igloo Project even harder than it already is. But I really don't think I have a choice in the matter. I've met a lot of unscrupulous and evil folks in the bioelectromagnetics field who just want to play mad professor instead of helping and healing people. That's just human nature.

Our military and intelligence services have been hiding the status of BEM weapons for so long, it sometimes seems as if only the bad guys must have them. Black Ops needs to work side by side with civilians and the vibrational medicine profession to protect this country, and no longer insulate themselves playing cat and mouse games with those of us who want to continue breaking the frontiers of this new science while still keeping America safe.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But being on the vanguard isn't easy.

Remy Chevalier

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