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The Big Igloo Discussion List at Yahoo Groups was created on March 9th 2002.
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Scouting Big Igloo
4 Days in LA
September 8th - 11th 2006
Part 1 - NRDC
Part 2 - Pacific Design Center
Part 3 - Elixir & Bodhi Tree
Part 4 - Street Scenes
Part 5 - Street Scenes Two
(WMV Video files)
+ a few stills

Masahiro Goes To Jamestown Video!!!
Second Trip to Jamestown with Masahiro

The most complete listings of laser light show resources I've discovered on the Web belong to Tomi Engdahl:, &

June 4th 2010: Remy Chevalier, Big Igloo director, will speak about his project at the Next Gen Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida, October 16 & 17, 2010. (appearance cancelled)

July 1th 2006: Big Igloo welcomes Jon Mack to the team. Jon (pronounced Jeanne, but the French way) is a model - big slash - musician, who found herself totally in sync with our project. Her knowledge of the technologies involved is impressive. I invited her to become a spokesperson for Big Igloo, lend her name and image to the project. She accepted. Her band is called Auradrone. Jon is based in LA. This new collaboration is a rejuvenating breath of fresh air.

November 20th 2005: No real news in a long, long time, but a few days after Masahiro and I went to Jamestown to visit Duncan Laurie, David McConville asked to join the Big Igloo Project. Alex Grey had just send him the little movie we shot of the day. Check out David's parallel universe, especially Bok Globule at Burning Man 2004 in the portfolio section of: and these others sites David is involved with:;!!!

September 19th 2002: Masahiro lands on the cover a Cape Town newspaper: The Sunday Times

July 26th 2002: Check out Brian Thomas Carroll's comprehensive and extensive electromagnetism educational website - - located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a little animated book online about EM in life:

June 23rd 2002:  I just discovered Nicole La Voie's sound therapy work by reading the Jul/Aug 2002 issue of Atlantis Rising magazine. Her website is at Sound Wave Energy: "Research has demonstrated a correlation between a specific frequency, and the atomic weight of elements. For instance, the frequency of the note of "C" at the second octave is 65.40 cycles per second (hertz), and the atomic weight of the element of zinc is 65.37. So, if the note of "C" is low in a person's voice, chances are the element of the zinc is also low in the body. By listening to the frequency of zinc the cells of the body will receive the vibration, then when the person eats foods that contain zinc, the body will resonate with this vibration and absorb the zinc."

June 7th 2002: Peter McClard, inventor of pixound - software for translating color into music (not music into color) has offered Big Igloo a "pixologist" who controls powerful music which is created by moving images, live video or pointers moving across static images. Peter noticed that the color mapping was backwards on a chart page 2 of the Big Igloo website. It should be based on frequency (vibrations per second), not wavelength, though either is fine. Since frequency is inverse to wavelength, it makes the diagram incorrect. As with music, the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength. Visible light goes from infra-red to ultra-violet (pretty much an octave as indicated), lower to higher frequency or longer to shorter wavelengths. E flat is really blue-green but the chart had it as yellow-orange. His advice... match frequency to frequency using the Octave method which is dividing light frequencies by 2 until you get down to hearing frequencies. Matching wavelength (4400 angstroms) to frequency (440 cycles per second) is only "numerological", not musicological. Nothing in music has multiples of 10, but 2 rules music as the mighty and mysterious octave where "different" becomes "same". More food for thought --Water, H20... has a 2 to 1 ratio between Hydrogen (1) and Oxygen (8). Do (H) re mi fa sol la ti Do (O)... Hydrogen and Oxygen are octaves of matter. That's why water tastes like an octave sounds... very satisfying but not interesting... pure and clear. You can reach Peter at GLUON, Inc. 161 Maplewood Ave. Maplewood, NJ 07040 USA 973-763-9494 

May 1st 2002: After discovering the new Windows Media Player Visualizations "ambience" screen, and asking around to see if anyone had developed similar software to control laser projections, I learned of Pangolin in Orlando, Florida:, an amazing new laser show company. On their website they mention the Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook. They write the $120 430-page book is ideal for anyone getting started in the field. Each May the publisher holds a conference which includes laser light show seminars and a trade show. They also publish an online laser newsletter. I will track all this stuff down and link it here. Laser F/X International, 1153 Pioneer Road Unit P, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7M 1K5  tel/fax. (905) 332-2001  

March 10th 2002: Sperry Andrews is the originator and executive director of the Human Connection Project, a scientific and educational media research project designed to test whether it is possible to reinforce the underlying sense that human beings are innately psychologically and physiologically linked, even when in widely separated geographic locations. His experiments have wide ranging implications for the development of Big Igloo technologies.

March 10th 2002:, .net and .org now all lead you back to the big igloo pages on was already taken by a previous business venture. But the domain name holder transferred it over to me in exchange for a life time season pass for him and his family, when Big Igloo finally hits the road! Thanks mate. 

March 8th 2002: This is awesome news... Laserium is finally getting out from under the limitations of the planetarium. It took 30 years... Ivan is moving Laserium to a brand new state-of-the-art space called Cyberdome. The name is already taken by, of all things, a laser tag wall climbing game operation in Canada. So he could call it Big Igloo and give this ol'man the job of taking it on the road, and we'd all live happily ever after: 
Also check the farewell to Griffith page on the Laserium website: 

December 15th 2001: Dr. Daniel J. Benor is working on the second volume of his Healing Research series which will focus on Consciousness, Bioenergy and Healing. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) demonstrates that the mind and emotions can have profound influences over the hormonal and immune systems. Volume II explores biological energy medicine. Many of the CAM therapies and spiritual healing appear to involve biological energies. Spiritual healing, craniosacral therapy, and other approaches rely on biological energies that are transferred through the hands of the therapist. This volume considers research that demonstrates the presence and roles of the energy body.

October 23rd 2001: Vibrational Energy Tools for Optimum Health and Personal Transformation. Since 1985, Volker Risto has offered the BT-5 "Brain Tuner" by Dr. Bob Beck, mind machines, light and sound, zappers, colloidal silver generators, Rife generators, ozonators, magnetic field therapy and other subtle energy tools for Peak Performance, Stress Reduction, Accelerated Learning, Expanded Consciousness and more: 

September 10th 2001: Todd Murphy is a Researching Behavioral Neuroscientist associated with Dr. M. A. Persinger. Most of his ideas and publications are based on his work, although his emphasis is on the spiritual aspects of neuroscience, and like all researchers, he sees things through his own eyes. That means he takes a less clinical approach to the mind and the brain, though still a scientific one. Check out his new Shatki Experimental Neuromagnetic Signal Generator helmet. (Watch out, he's not a nice guy! I can't tell you if he started out that way, or if the helmet fried his empathy. He might have some of the hardware and software necessary for Big Igloo, but he certainly doesn't have it tuned to the right frequency.)

June 15th 2001: The Architects of Air is a group of artists - based in Nottingham, UK - who travel the world with their amazing "Luminaria". They put up their "Cathedral of Light & Color" in Antwerp for a couple of days. The Archipelago is entirely constructed of tailor-made colored plastic. The pieces have been cut by hand and glued together. There is no artificial lighting inside... Inside, the translucent & surreal mood is enhanced by Eno-esque ambient music. 

January 31st 2001: I just discovered the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback by reading the January 2001 special Sound Healing issue of Alternative Therapies magazine. They have two publications Biofeedback, a newsmagazine published four times a year containing regular and invited columns, announcements, and instrumentation advertisements and Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, a dynamic journal that publishes quality peer reviewed papers in the field.

August 7th 2000: Penn State Chemist Seeks to Photograph the Body's Elusive Aura

July 9th 2000: Just discovered this site which sells Kirlian video equipment. Lost of links, check it out:

The new Hayden Planetarium no longer has laser shows. AVI shows are now on an IMAX screen. The music? Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Argh!

July 17th 2000: Great UK link for Brain Theme Park and IBVA, courtesy Masahiro Kahata:

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