I've been on the web since 1996, when my local public library got its first computer. I experienced the birth pangs of the medium, and was spending 2 hours or more a day surfing around with a Hotmail account. Back then I was the only one using the machine all day, so every time there was a problem, the head librarian blamed me for it. I didn't get my own PC at home until 1998, even though I sold Macs when they first came out in the late 70's.

Instead I moved to Manhattan in 1989 to create the Eco-Saloon at Wetlands in Tribeca with Larry Bloch who owned the club back then. He gave me the opportunity to apply most of the ideas I had formulated in my M&M's business plan; a center for activist youth I wanted to open in Westport, Connecticut. But I quickly grew weary of the loud music and the smoke, the long hours and sleepless nights. Too old I guess. I wanted to move on to a more productive trendy coffee shop environment. I tried to sell the idea to the Audubon Society who was opening their new HQ in SoHo, but they didn't grok the concept. So I moved back to Connecticut.

In 1995, at a solar energy conference in Stamford, I discovered a little zine called Electrifying Times, a wonderful mix of wacky free energy stuff and down-to-earth electric car stories. I fell in love. I'd been Mike Gunderloy's New Age researcher at Factsheet 5 practically since day one. You know, that intense directory of the underground press that fueled the zine revolution before the Internet took over and people got bored losing money printing paper. So I knew the alternative press distribution scene in and out. Bit by bit I gravitated to doing more and more. Bruce Meland and I have brought ET up to the point now where it's THE industry trade publication for the EV industry, but it's still not making any money...

The Econolodge of Zebulon is my online zine. This will be its home. A print issue is in the works, but don't hold your breath. I like doing research a lot more than writing myself. So I tend to just hand over everything I find to other writers and go on to something else... As the hunting dog cartoon said: He's a good pointer, but he has a short attention span. I contribute research, photography, book reviews or articles on a regular basis to zines like Paranoia, Adventures Unlimited's World Explorer, Earth Island Journal, Planet°, In Business, New Energy News, Infinite Energy, UFO magazine, Secret, etc... I'm a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.

I collect environmental books, periodicals, etc... in the hopes of one day opening an environmental reference library for green marketing in Fairfield County. The project goes under the name of the Environmental Library Fund, or ELF for short. I've been using that acronym since the early 80's... absolutely NO relation to the Earth Liberation Front! E magazine has been donating all its excess materials to this effort.

I posted some of my photography. My dad was a famous photographer, so I always resisted walking into his footsteps. But I regret that decision, and if I could blend fashion photography with fanatical environmental activism, I would do so in a NY minute! That's what Project Lü is all about.

Big Igloo has been a dream of mine ever since I experienced a laserium show at the Griffith Park Observatory planetarium in the Hollywood Hills back in 1974. I worked with the laserists in residence on some breakthrough brain entrainment techniques which have not been used since. Big Igloo would remedy this in a traveling structure, much like Cirque Du Soleil, but high techno.

Hemp Protein is self-explanatory. Up until delinquent hemp advertisers sank the hemp press, I was on staff at Hemp Mag and wrote about producing and marketing hemp protein isolate, the kind bodybuilders binge on to put on muscle. Protein deficiency is the number one cause of malnutrition in the world today. Hemp seed used to be the number one food staple in poor countries before Hearst and Dupont banned the plant. You do the math...

In 1998 I took on the impossible task of helping stage a protest in DC. The Rally To End Secrecy turned out to be an exercise in futility. Conflicting interest among the organizers doomed the project to a low turn out from the start. But it served to network secrecy issues on the web. To date you can search a growing database of nearly 4000 relevant articles posted in the End Secrecy message archive.

Well that's it in a nut shell. Right now I build these pages with Front Page 2000, thank you Mr. Gates for standardizing the web and saving humanity decades of  fish-or-cut-bate agony. Nothing fancy, but effective. I dream of Flash & Dreamweaver, but this will do.

If you plan on staying awhile, put on a good CD, or log on to your favorite web radio station, click back and read on...

You can snail me at:

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