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Text below last updated 10/15/2004
As of June 2006, both ELLE and Vanity Fair have published green special editions, then returned to business as usual.


These domain names have absolutely no connection whatsoever with Hachette's ELLE magazine, or its 36 editions available in 90 countries, the US edition launched in 1985, selling around 62 million copies per year, with 20 million regular readers and a global readership of over 80 million, the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazine...

These domain names have also absolutely no connection whatsoever with Hachette's specialized editions derived from ELLE in the field of cooking, such as ELLE DECOR, ELLE CUISINE, ELLE A TABLE, ELLE WOMEN, ELLE A LA CARTE, etc. Or any connection in the field of multimedia, where is the ELLE Interactive Network Portal providing access to all 13 ELLE web sites in 12 countries and 8 different languages.

None of these domains in any way, shape or form infringes on ELLE's famous trademark which is recognized in many countries and especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, China and Korea. There can be ABSOLUTELY NO confusion between ELLE.COM and any of these domain names in the public's mind!

UNLESS OF COURSE HACHETTE DECIDES TO BUY THEM ALL, and then there's always the .org, .net, .biz, .info... so on and so forth...

So GIMME A BREAK, ELLE magazine stole my childhood... my future, and the future of the planet. I'm simply setting the record straight in my book. The more attention brought to this, the more attention will be brought to my book! So best Hachette just let it remain an obscure underground cult manifesto rather than blow it all up out of proportion into a mainstream scandal hit!

ELLE and Hachette have consistently refused to take into account any of the environmental impact of its production practices, or acknowledge its abject total lack of recycled paper usage and resistance to using environmentally benign non-toxic inks! ELLE and Hachette are a disgrace to the sensibility of fashion! This goes for the Conde Nasties as well, and Hearst, and the entire Global Multi-National Media cartel who rules the world with EMPIRE and their thumb squeezing down hard on anyone or anything reminding them of the trashing the oil economy is inflicting to GAIA!

Walk away, or get me a meeting with Daniel. This is NOT a matter to be easily resolved by measly pencil pushers like yourselves. You're way over your heads guys... I'm the sole survivor of the 90's Great Sarfatti Circus Flame Wars!

Remy C.

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