ELLE on Earth
by Gurdjieff’s Grandson
a.k.a Remy C.

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(Thursday, September 09, 2004)



Imagine being thrown into a comic book universe the moment you were born; a surreal universe where the people around you ruled the world. That’s what happened to Remy C.

Remy was born with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has spent the last 30 years trying to drop-kick the specter of his childhood. Born in Norwalk, Connecticut on April 2, 1953, Remy was the grandson of new age magus, Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff. Six months later, Remy’s mother moved back to Paris with him to rejoin her husband.

Remy’s father, Jean Chevalier, was a famous photographer in the 50's and 60's, shooting covers and inside pictorials for ELLE, the premier French fashion magazine. Remy became a popular child model and appeared on advertisements and billboards selling everything from spice bread to ravioli to soda pop all over the country. His first haircut was a featured two page spread in ELLE.

As a young boy, Remy immediately came under the wing of ELLE founder, Helene Gordon Lazareff, a very wealthy and immensely influential woman, whose secret intentions were to raise Remy to meet the destiny she and many others believed Gurdjieff had prescribed for him in his opus Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson.

Years later, after Remy had eventually been ignored, discarded and forgotten by all those whose fantasies he did not fulfill, Remy saw a documentary on spiritual adept Jiddu Krishnamurti that put his own early life in perspective.

Annie Besant, a disciple of Madame Blavatsky, had raised Krishnamurti from childhood to be the heir to the Theosophical Society; in other words a second coming of Christ. Krishnamurti rebelled and struggled against that legacy his entire adult life. Remy saw the parallels and found his way back from the mental and sexual abuse Helene Lazareff put him through.

In this short book, illustrated with many photographs, Gurdjieff’s Grandson has decided to finally open up his memory banks and tell his story.

Welcome to Remy C’s nightmare --- his ELLE on Earth!

Jane Crown's Poetry Radio with Remy Chevalier: MP3


"In my own (perhaps weird) opinion, the book is one of the very best I have ever read of its kind. If I had the hard copy I would probably not put it down until it is finished. I am still old fashioned in that I like a book I can hold in my hand... except for the totally enjoyable books like this one. The book is tragic, poignant, hilarious, simply because it is so tragic, and the only human reaction of the human psyche is to laugh... "There, but for the grace of God go I." Other books which have made me soul-laugh like ELLE are Catch 22 and Candy. Cannot help feel that there is a delightful movie in here. The photos are the best part... but only because each is worth many of Remy's colorful words! What a bizarre legacy his erstwhile Grandpa left him. He deserves a cosmic Kick in the Ass!!! It's a wonder Remy survived at all. Reminds of the antics of Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali."
Elliott Maynard
Arcos Cielos Research Center
"The boy at heart aged 51 obstinately refuses to mature. Bathing in a pool of self pity, calculated? Naivety, coquetry on purpose? Mixed with sediments of injured pride and vanity, acting like he himself has been treated. Being intentionally and defiantly different than expected. Perhaps also a method to get the attention yearned for. A sole cry for LOVE? A grimacing cry for laugh? The echo of the author's super duper soul-flatulence? Nothing is getting lost in the Universe."
Ricky Dalmare
Beyond Paradise
"Remy has lived an extraordinary life and I am glad he is sharing. Particularly those over 45 years of age in 2004 can relate to his formative years very well. Fashion-related work, which the public yearned for, had an evil side, as most businesses. To live through it and maintain an admirable mission to save our planet convinces me his extraordinary life will continue, but with more positives than negatives."
Delia Montgomery
Environmental Design Consultant
“Remy is a retarded mongoloid marching moron doophus lunatic alien hugging Fifth Column Luddite flap doodle clueless ignoramus Stalinist hare-brained mind-controlled useful idiot robot mush head. This book is full of Zukavian Macroshift and it doesn’t even make good toilet paper. I tried. Ouch!”
Physicist Jack Sarfatti
Imperial Rome Space Legions

"[Remy] has managed to free himself from no less than what amounts to archetypal pathology, daring to reveal a variety of celebrity miscreants in the form of fly by night sexual vampires, drug addled aristocrats and other jet set riff raff he encountered mostly during his childhood and adolescence."
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