Welcome to the End Secrecy website, one of the web's most effective truth seeker. The End Secrecy List has grown large since it was created in 1998.

The Rally to End Secrecy was an offshoot of the March For Peaceful Energy held on October 24th 1998 and 1999 in Washington DC. Their dedicated website is now history...

Because organizers of the March had decided to exclude the issue of energy technology suppression from its own agenda, the advocates of new energy research who had lent their support to the March effort branched off into End Secrecy. Here all issues of secrecy are addressed, whether they be in science or politics.

Thanks to the SkyOpen, the S4 list, David Crockett Williams, Jeff Rense, PlanetNews, American Patriot Friends Network and many other contributors to date - we've gathered over 8000 articles on topics rarely - if ever - discussed by the mainstream media. Search keywords on the End Secrecy List and be amazed by what you find! 

Stephen Bassett of  www.x-ppac.org and www.paradigmclock.com supports the end secrecy website. Kisan Bhat in India, founder of www.indax.com, hosted End Secrecy pro-bono since its foundation in 1998. But today endsecrecy.com rolls over into www.remyc.com so I can manage it more effectively.

At some point in time, don't hold your breath, I have plans to collect the most important information posted on the End Secrecy List and produce a printed report to be circulated among members of Congress and the Senate. But since Dr. Greer beat me to it, order his book instead...

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More recommended reading would be "Secrecy" 
by former Senator Moynihan  from Yale Press.

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