The Infamous Hemp Protein Powder Chronicles
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Manitoba Harvest now sells a 70% hemp protein powder isolate.
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The only other commercially available isolate we know about is sold by Yaoh in the UK.

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95% hemp protein powder isolate powder!!!

This website (as well as sadly lost to lowlife squatters when we failed to renew our domain name in time) was the  first online re-seller of certified organic hemp protein, pioneering the introduction of Living Harvest powder in the US. On December 16, 2004 we stopped selling to focus on the development of an isolate. With the introduction of Manitoba Harvest 70% protein powder Hemp Pro 70, it's finally time to start selling product again!

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- Made in Canada
The first and original hemp protein powder sample above was exclusively contracted by a distributor in Hawaii inspired by RemyC's 1998 article in
Hemp Magazine.

The looming DEA regulations which kept trying to make ALL hemp foods illegal in the USA were lifted, nothing but a fading bad memory. The Hemp Protein Powder Isolate project can finally blossom!

Isolate means anything above 70% protein concentration. Most concentrates on the market today only hover around 50% protein.

Because there is no consolidated effort on the part of the hemp industry as a whole to develop hemp protein isolate (ask the HIA why not?) and because each independent hemp food producer is fighting tooth and nail to be first to market hemp protein isolate despite the fact that for isolate to be manufactured in commercially profitable quantity takes a lot of up front resources, more than any small hemp company can raise on their own, isolate has been long in coming. But with the introduction of Manitoba Harvest 70% protein powder Hemp Pro 70 the long wait is finally over... also has 97.77% hemp protein powder isolate samples available for prospective investors

- US produced 97.77% hemp protein powder isolate -

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