Chapter #1

The limo drives up the dock. The chauffeur gets out and opens the back door. Black rubber fuck me pumps spike the ground: 

"Gimme a minute, OK?" 

More lipstick, straighten those eyelashes, loosen that G-string getting stuck up her butt, and slip on that raincoat. Out comes a wonder, cigarette holder at the tip of her nails: 

"Show me the way!". 

A masculine hand drags her back in and slams the door. He was losing patience: 

"You know the drill, anything gets out of hand, I'm here, just yell, the bug will hear. Zora you know where to put it?" 

She smiles: 

"Anywhere that sticks! Hey Ymer, who is he anyway? What's so special about him?"

He tips the corner of his hat and looks her square in the face:

"He's Malaysia's rubber king, he's the man behind the scene. He's got a really bad reputation for making girls like you disappear. But we're pros, do your thing, and tomorrow you'll each be $300.000 richer!"..."And you'll get your 30%..."."So you can stay pretty my lovely, now scram!"

The door opens again. The chauffeur's not kind. All three women brush him aside. Ymer smiles and sits back with some earphones. Our three blind mice walk the plank to the yacht, an old wood veneer relic from the 30's, about 180 feet long, looking white and wonderful in the Palm Beach moonlight. An Asian woman greets them one by one and leads them to the salon: 

"Wait here, take off your clothes, and don't make yourself comfortable. You! Come with me!" Pointing at Zora who was trying to find a place to stick her bugged gum. Under the leather sofa will do. There, it's done:

"What do you have in store for me?". 

"A bath my dear, just a bath..."

Zora is brought to an amazing bathroom with gold faucets, the kind you save first if the boat sinks. The tub was filled with black liquid. 

"I must shave you first, from head to toe, shouldn't take a minute..." 

She patiently lets herself be tended like a sheep. Now bald like a monk, two muscular bodyguards slowly lower her hairless body into the mix. The oriental woman puts a tube in her mouth, nose plugs up her nose, and Zora vanishes under the surface. After what seemed like an eternity she is gently pulled back, plated in black latex like a bar of chocolate. Escorted to the main lounge, dripping wet, she is propped to dry on a special stand spreading her arms and legs apart. The two blondes sit naked at the diner table, waiting. Candlelight illuminates the room, reflections of city lights dance on the water. Soft industrial sounds play on the speakers.

The master of ceremony enters, so vain, a young man, sly and Armani clad. But his slanted eyes give away the violence. He doesn't waste time. His henchman grab one of the girls by the neck and slams her torso in an empty plate. She's frozen by the surprise. The other starts crying. 

"No one can hear you scream, the ship has a sonic shield." 

Zora knew Ymer would be there in three seconds to save them. But it was too late for her companion. The tycoon sliced a breast. Yucky yellow sludge oozed from the exposed ribs. 

"These aren't real! I asked for real God dam it!!! Get rid of this bitch". 

One shot in the dead, she's dead.

Petrified and helpless, the other girl suffers the same fate, fainting from shock. The tit is flesh. He holds it in his hand, squishing it like a beating heart and takes a bite, savoring the delight.

Zora knows if she moves a muscle and rips the latex before it sets she'll be discarded like the rest. He walks up to her, his mouth dripping blood and licks the side of her chest: 

"You're dry my dear". 

Knife in hand, he kneels and gently wiggles the blade between her legs, making a slit where his cock slips in. Zora plays the game, mortified Ymer hasn't crashed the party as he always did, before things got ugly. This could be her last fling.

"Sir, the phone, it's critical!" 

He knew his lady maid wouldn't bother him at a time like this if it wasn't urgent. He forced, rushed and came, throwing Zora in the arms of his men.

"Get rid of this. Throw her overboard." 

Her limp body went over the rail. Surprised and thrilled she was still alive, Zora gathered her wits, swam to shore and climbed the peer. She grabbed a flagpole from a speedboat then snuck towards the car, her dark rubber figure invisible in the night. She coiled up like a snake and jammed the chauffeur in the eye through the window, thanking the Gods the broken glass wasn't bulletproof.

Ymer's smile was gone. He was laying dead on the back seat with a little red hole in his forehead. She puts on the earphones:

"Hydrogen Chloride is a recombinant fuel. It's molecular structure snaps back into place after ignition like a rubber band. You could get 40.000 miles to the gallon! The Illuminati knows. What do you want from me? We have the entire future of Hong Kong to consider. We can't let mainland China get hold of these secrets. It would be the end of the Trilateral arrangements."

"Sir, there's a bug on board, the sweep detector just went off".

"The pimp, his girls, was he taken care of? Go check his clothes!"

Zora goes into Ymer's vest and grabs the recorder, kicks the chauffeur out the door and slams into drive, flying out the gate as goons run in the rearview mirror. She rips the latex off her face and vows revenge. The ship is already speeding from the harbor towards international waters. He's on deck caressing the rubber slipper she left behind in the cabin. She's a sloppy loose end nobody will remember.

And so begin the adventures of Rubberella...

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