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World production for solar cells grew 40 percent in 2001
The world production of solar cells for terrestrial power applications grew 39.7 percent to 401.4 megawatts. This is the most important finding of a survey published in the March 2002 issue of PHOTON International - The Photovoltaic Magazine

Connecticut Legislature Raised House Bill No. 6825 An act concerning natural and full-spectrum light in classrooms. To encourage school districts to improve student performance by requiring natural light and full-spectrum fluorescent illumination in classroom building construction and renovation. Introduced by the Select Committee on Children: 

The Maritime Aquarium Environmental Education Center is planning to install a PV system on their new $9.5 million three story wing, designed and built to accommodate classrooms full of visiting students from neighboring schools. To find out more stop by their development office on 10 N. Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 or call 203-852-0700 ext 227

Fairfield U.'s PV roof was on the October 14th 2000 National Solar Homes Tour
Call PACE at 860-693-4813 for future tours dates
For links to all solar home tours around the country:

Drop in on the PV discussion list archives at:

New School Construction Web Resources: from the Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools Program. is an initiative of Ekomation Solar Energy Consultancy:

U.S. Department of Energy National Center for Photovoltaics:

DOE Student Solar Decathlon: The U.S. Department of Energy's student competition to design and operate the most attractive and effective solar-powered house 

Alex Wilson's Testimony on High-Performance Schools: High-performance schools offer an improved learning environment while reducing energy use and operating costs. This can be accomplished through an integrated, whole-building design process and well-defined goals. Wilson recommended that the Committee focus on

Architect John Rountree of Solar For Connecticut Schools has a large AstroPower PV system on the roof of his own home at 130 Compo Road South in Westport. AstroPower was one of the few independent photovoltaics companies left not owned by an oil company, but not anymore... It's been bought by General Electric! To visit call John for an appointment at 203-226-5103. (Actor Paul Newman donated $10.000 to Solar for CT Schools towards an installation at the Wooster Middle School in Stratford.)

ConVal High School: Applied Technology Center: The one kilowatt PV system was installed by Solar Works, Inc. of Wilton, NH through a grant administered by the State of NH Governor's Office of Energy and Community Services. Region 14 Applied Technology Center182 Hancock Road, Peterborough, NH 03458 - 603.924.2214 - 603.924.9176 (fax) - 

Solar Schools - Brighter Future was initiated in 1999, and shows shining examples of renewable energy (RE) use at schools around the world. It was launched by International Solar Energy Society (ISES) as part of the Earth Day 2000 world-wide celebration.

National Energy Education Development: The mission of the NEED Project is to promote an energy conscious and educated society by creating effective networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders to design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs.
Affiliation: Connecticut Energy Education Day (CEED)
980 Old Colony Road Meriden, CT 06415
TEL: (203) 269-3344 FAX: (203) 269-3212
CEED provides Connecticut students with materials, methods, and opportunities to learn about energy technologies and issues. 
Current Projects: Sacred Heart of Jesus School 35 Orange Street New Britain, CT 06053
                          St. Thomas School 133 Bristol Street Southington, CT 06489
Sponsor: CONNECTicut Energy Council for Teachers.

SolarDome School:

The People's Guide to Basic Solar Power by Bill Seavey:

Solar Solutions and the Solar Electric Education Network: Co-founders Drs. Robert and Sonia Vogl, recently retired from Northern Illinois University. Dedicated to helping educators who are interested in solar electricity share successful ideas with each other and to providing solar electric education materials and curricula to all interested schools.

Green Energy Jobs:

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE):

State Of Connecticut Website For School Building Construction, Repairs, and Grants:

green-haus, homes and our environment: Debra Lombard.

Building Performance Construction Services: Michael & Christopher Trolle.

Building America works with members of the home-building industry to produce quality homes that use less energy without costing more to build:  

Sunplugged: A New England group dedicated to solar education with traveling vans and buses.

Alternative Energy Production For Suburban Houses: 

The State of Energy In the State of Connecticut by Senator Judith G. Freedman

TerraSolar: Develops, manufactures and markets solar power products for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Based in Brooklyn.

New Canaan Nature Center Sustainable Futures Series: On Saturday November 10th 2001 the center held a PV Workshop $85/$60 for NESEA members.

Housing Zone Green Building Section: Currently they are featuring large portions of text from David Ritchey Johnson's book Building Green in a Black & White World published by Home Builder Press.

Connecticut Energy Cooperative: (Closed its doors in 2002)

Voluntary certification program for renewable electricity products: 

David A. Bainbridge's Ecocomposite Lots of great information on natural, recycled and recyclable state-of-the-art building products:

Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools pages:

BPI has just introduced a truly strong biodegradable polymer plastic bag in the UK, not yet available in the US: 

The Green PagesTM is the online version of Co-op America's popular National Green PagesTM directory of thousands of socially and environmentally responsible businesses, products and services. 2003 issue on sale at Wild Oats!

Berkeley Environmental Design Library: 

Green Built Home: Lots and lots of resources from Austin TX:

McLean Environmental Living and Learning Center Northland College opened the world's most advanced environmental residence hall in the fall of 1998: 

Natural Home Magazine:

William McDonough is the guru of green design. If you've never heard him speak or read transcripts of his talks, here's a good place to start: 

HGTV's Dream Builders aired a segment in December 2000 about a 100% solar home in Maine designed by architect Steven Strong. The owners Deborah and William Lord have a web site describing their house in detail:

New British PV Website:

Green Power Network provides news on green power markets and utility green pricing programs: Their status report on Green Power Marketing in the US as featured in the Jan/Fev 2001 issue of Solar Today magazine is posted on:
Also on their site "Connecticut Coop Members Choose Green".

Kids have the power to change the future: Here is a list for teachers of resources to learn about electricity production and the environment. 

October 2000 Fairfield County Magazine had a story page 42 titled "Let The Sun Shine In" on solar installations around Westport by Jim Motavalli, editor of E magazine. Sorry, it's not available online.

Amazing British PV Magazine: 

Use this page to search the Global Solar Partners database for schools who wish to exchange solar information: 

Solar on Schools Solar Works page:

Guide to Schools Enjoying the Power of Solar Energy
(Many articles from all around the country, describing hundreds of solar on schools projects.)

National Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)
for Schools Going Solar Programs
(You can search the database for programs by state or technology.)

Schools Going Solar
(They publish a newsletter about PV on schools.)

High Performance Schools Act of 1999 #H. R. 3143
(Introduced in the House. To view it, type the name of the bill into the search engine.)

Solar on Schools
Ed Witkin
74 Tappan Rd
Bridgewater, CT 06752
860-354-7346 (Tel)
(Solar company spearheading the Solar on Schools program in New England. 
They organized a series of fundraising concerts with Dar Williams, a very popular folk singer.)

Twelve Montana Schools Install Solar Electricity

PVs on Schools in Hawaii: In dozens of Hawaii schools, HECO installs, operates and maintains solar electric systems using photovoltaic technology and helps the DOE develop teaching materials on renewable energy of all kinds. Click Generation "e".

Solar Electricity Systems on Ohio Schools     

Solarwise for Schools

25 Solar Schools in the Philadelphia Area  

Global Solar Partners Projects Showcase 
(Solar on schools from over 30 countries, sponsored by BP Solar.)

Energy Performance of Daylit Schools
Student Performance of Daylit Schools
(From the Innovative Design website, a cutting edge architectural firm which has already built dozens of green schools in the Carolinas. They have directly contacted each members of the Westport School Renovation Committee to offer their consulting services.)

Pacific Energy Center's "Daylighting in Schools": These reports examine student performance data from elementary school districts: Dena Boer Elementary School, Salida, CA & Marin Country Day School, Corte Madera, CA.
Reports are in PDF format. To have the original brochures sent to you, please contact Marlene Vogelsang at For more information about the project, contact Project Manager: Peter Turnbull

SchoolSpecTM Software:
Specification of energy-efficient, green modular schools. 

Million Solar Rooftops Solar Schools: Type in keyword "school" in their search engine for related articles. Includes information on grants and incentives.

Directories of green building products
Delia Montgomery's
Victoria Schomer's
Annie Berthold-Bond's  

A Directory of Environmentally Responsible Building Products
Online edition:
Click e-GUIDE on the left hand side.
Made possible with funding from the Brown Foundation

Green building at the Vermont Law school

Healthy Schools Network, Inc.
Environmentally safe and healthy learning environments for children, for personnel, and for their communities
773 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY 12208
Tel: (518) 462-0632

High Performance School Buildings
(What school administrators need to know.)

Energy performance of windows, doors, and skylights

Productivity and a well-lit workplace

Green Building Materials Showcases

Listing of Green Building Events

K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP)
Organizers of the Empowerment 2000 Conference. Green Schools and Energy Wise Students, is a national forum to showcase energy education initiatives that provide innovative, hands-on learning opportunities for K-12 students. This conference was designed for educators, state-wide policy planners, facility planners and resource managers, and administrators.

Using Solar Energy In Schools

Bluffsview Elementary School PV System in Worthington, Ohio
(American Electric Power has created this website)

Useful links to financing resources

Green Schools
A Project of the Alliance to Save Energy
1200 18th Street, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036The Green Schools Team:
Merrilee Harrigan Sr. Program Manager (202) 530-2215
Karen Anderson Program Manager (202) 530-2239
Brian Levite Research Associate (202) 530-2206
Janet Castellini Consultant Castle Education (865) 691-0907

These schools participating in Green Schools have each written up a summary of their activities, along with a chart of their energy savings:

McNamara Elementary
Ray Middle School
Durgee Junior High School
Baker High School

Elma Primary
Iroquois Intermediate School
Iroquois Middle School
Iroquois High School

Prince Hall Elementary
Martin Luther King High School

B.F. Day Elementary
South Shore Middle School
Roosevelt High School

Stewart Middle School

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities
Information resources for people who plan, design, build, and maintain K-12 schools. NCEF is part of the U.S. Department of Education's Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC).

Conditions of Public School Facilities
(An excellent source of links to additional information.)

School Facilities Renovation and Financing State Contacts
Connecticut State Department of Education
Martin Hollis, Education Consultant
John Coroso, Finance & Administrative Services (860) 566-4879
Leslie Averna, School Improvement (860) 566-4185
Robert Brewer, Grants Management (860) 566-8201
Division of Grants Management
PO Box 2219, Hartford, CT 06145 
P: 860-713-6454 F: 860-713-7013

Perspectives Article Addresses Need for High Performance Schools
Geoffrey P. Hunt of OSRAM SYLVANIA Services, Inc., calls on Alliance Associates to help schools create physical space that is inviting, secure, and comfortable where quality learning can take place without undue stress on the school budget.

School Energy Efficiency Task Force
More than two dozen Alliance Associates are participating in a School Energy Efficiency Task Force, which seeks to tap the expertise of Associates from all sectors to explore new ways to help schools gain the benefits of energy efficiency. The group will also keep Associates informed about the latest initiatives in school efficiency programs and activities at the federal, state, and local levels. For more information contact Merrilee Harrigan, 202/530-2215,

National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Programs
Strives to assist students, faculty, staff and administrators in transforming colleges and universities into learning and teaching models of environmental sustainability, by assisting with the design and implementation of conservation projects, providing training and incentives, and helping to document and share lessons learned nationally and beyond. For more than a decade, NWF's Campus Ecology program has been helping transform the nation's college campuses into living models of an ecologically sustainable society, and training a new generation of environmental leaders. 

Exploring Green Schools: How green is your school?
Showcased are New York City's High School for Environmental Science, the Maryland Governor's Green School Award Program, and the West Branch (IOWA) Middle School. 

Green Teacher magazine (Canada)

and links page:

New England Coalition of PV sound system companies  
(PVs are mounted on trailers, vans or busses providing clean, quiet, reliable electricity for live performances.)

SolarQuest™ Virtual School House

Solar Schools index

People's Action For Clean Energy 
(Based in Canton, CT. Organizes solar house tours in the Westport area.)

Westport Astronomical Society
(The Rolnick Observatory is the site of the WWPT 90.3 FM Staples High School radio station emitter, a good candidate for a FEMA sponsored PV system.)  

Westport Chamber of Commerce

Westport Board of Education  

Top 100 Connecticut Corporations


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