Remy Chevalier  


For State Senate
26th District 2014



I am running again as a write-in candidate for the 26th District State Senate seat. We are also making plans to petition for a Green ballot line in the 2016 election. (The Green Party already is on the ballot for State Senate Districts 1, 27, 33, and 36).

I started running as the Connecticut Green Party candidate for the 26th District State Senatorial Representative seat in 2004, which includes all of Wilton, Redding & Ridgefield, and parts of  Westport, Bethel, New Canaan and Weston. But we discovered my residence was in fact one property over the borderline, inside the 28th district. I had to cancel my 2004 run. But as of November 2012, the 26th district has been redrawn to include my home. So I am running again as a write in candidate because we were not able to collect the 400+ necessary signatures. We want the process done online, like everything else.

"If you believe women belong in the kitchen, or that racism is a myth, or that the rich have a right to oppress the poor, or the USA should police the world with gunboat diplomacy, then you'd better not vote Green."
—David Bedell, Fairfield County Green Party Secretary


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"In a sense, I have been running unsuccessfully for the Presidency for a quarter of a century—first almost as a national joke; then as a visionary from my secure senate seat, accumulating weight and solidity; now, finally, as a remote elder statesman whose old prophecies have long come to pass, whose far-out and impractical proposals are now seen by the millions as the right roads not taken in the easy clarity of failure's hindsight."
—Norman Spinrad :: Sierra Maestra :: Star-Spangled Future

Issues ::

Pro-green business, pro-natural capitalism!
I'm not a socialist, just anti-social!

Off course, the main issue remains keeping Fairfield County residents safe from a potential accident at the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Our organization Rock The Reactors has been on the front lines in the campaign to shut it down, opposing its relicensing by the NRC.

We're working with ATG Electronics, Congressman Jim Himes's office, Energy Star and the Design Lights Consortium to make T8 LED tubes more easily available to replace fluorescent tubes in offices, retail spaces, parking lots, commercial and factory environments, potentially saving considerable amounts of electricity.

We need to change Planning & Zoning Commissions and replace them with Environmental Review Boards, merging zoning and conservation, so the map is no longer the territory and all future construction decisions can be made on a case by case basis after board inspection of the physical property, not some arbitrary lengthy and costly legal process inside Town Halls. The Conservation Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission + the Architectural Review Board should be replaced with a single Environmental Review Board, consolidating the creative process, saving time and resources.

This means pushing to pass, as they already have in many other communities around the country, town or district wide ordinances making it mandatory for any new construction, either private or municipal, to abide by the Green Building Council's
LEED Principles.

Another P&Z issue that is driving all honest food business owners crazy, is not being able to put as many tables and chairs outside their delis, coffeeshops, restaurants, as they see fit! We need to Europeanize the overseeing process into new urbanism development, reviving town centers, creating pedestrian malls.
(Update: Westport has recenlty passed a law allowing all restaurants and coffeeshops to put as many tables as they want outside. Hallelujah!)

I'd push for free parking and charging of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles at all railroad stations. I'd start a hitch hiking club where both riders and drivers would be required to have a photo ID issued by their local Police department.

I'd push "again" (after the town of Weston turned it down 20 years ago) for a Combo Beach Shuttle between Weston Center and Compo Beach so kids can go to the beach during the summer months without having to get an adult to drive them back and forth. Traffic at Compo is already ridiculous... one car for each kid just makes it worse. A bus from Weston Center, or even Bethel-Weston-Compo would reduce traffic to and from Compo Beach tremendously, but the bus has to be fun... like an old painted bio-diesel school bus open with an awning and bright colors!

I'd ask for a one month moratorium on ALL planned and current school construction in the district to immediately incorporate renewable clean energy sources. I'd push for an end to the one home on 2 acre zoning rule in cases where it can be demonstrated that responsible cluster housing can have less environmental impact on ground water and the land, creating more open space and wildlife areas.

I'd have both Police departments and Fire & Emergency services host public days every three months where members of the community can visit these facilities to get a sense of who these people are and what their job is, so they don't function in isolation of public concerns about the Patriot Act and FEMA powers.

I'd make it illegal for cell phone towers to be erected within a 1 mile radius of elementary and junior high schools, in effect tearing down the tower in Weston and in New Canaan, moving them elsewhere! People need to realize that in Europe this is LAW and for good reason, we are putting their kids at great risk! The last thing we need is more brain damaged Young Republicans!!!

I support the grandfather clause, so residents over 65 who own their homes would no longer have to pay taxes on them! I also oppose death and estate taxes for inherited assets of under $5 million dollars. That's the only way to keep a sense of community. Otherwise all our older citizens who can't pay their land taxes get carted off to retirement homes. I feel if someone worked all their life to build a small business or purchase a house, that their kids are entitled to it in its integrity so they can follow in their parents footsteps and carry on the old homestead. On the other hand I think income should be taxed on a rising scale, the more you make, the more you should pay, not the other way around.

I'd ban leaf blowers unless and until the
Outdoor Power Equipment Aftermarket Association can impose on manufacturers to make these devices quiet, and pollution free. Basically allowing their use on a case by case basis, after modifications for noise and air pollution have been made. It just means putting on a muffler! We banned leaf burning to clean the air, eradicating centuries old tradition of the sweet smell of burning leaves in autumn, only to replace it with the whinny noise and the foul stench of 2 cycle engines! Many other communities have banned leaf blowers.

Contact me with your ideas:
Remy Chevalier
remyc @

25 Newtown Turnpike, Weston CT 06883

Join us on the Aquarium facebook page to discuss the issues. The Aquarium will act as our official campaign headquarters.

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"Either way, we're screwed! Vote Green Party!"


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