Meet the Big Igloo Team


Remy Chevalier

Remy had the vision for Big Igloo back in 1974... then turned it into a viable business plan with ShowTech in 1992. He has been carrying the ball ever since. He's glad the project is now developing a life of its own, so he can sit back, relax, be the ghost in the machine... (He maintains the website)

Duncan Laurie

Duncan's is a writer, experimentalist & multi-media artist in architectural glass, with commissions awarded world-wide from the 1980ís to mid 2000ís by major corporations and private clients. His professional work proceeds in parallel to a long term commitment understanding primary perception in nature and its role in art, vis-a-vis radionic & psychotronic technology, bio-communications and experimental sonic art.


Masahiro Kahata

Masahiro is the man behind the Big Igloo interface. Once part of the original MAC team, he went on to develop the IBVA, the first commercially available system enabling you to monitor real time brainwaves on a computer screen. Masahiro has worked with top names in the music industry, giving a whole new meaning to MIDI.

Tim Walsh

Tim is a laserist extraordinaire by trade, one of the most progressive and inspiring in his profession. He "gets" Big Igloo and is working to assemble all the necessary electronic components that will make this traveling road show possible. In his spare time Tim loves to swing to laser light and polka! He also tends to real live peacocks...

Robert Teorey

The man with the dome... stems from the great state of Minnesota, with the perfect inflatable dome for Big Igloo. Up till now, his company, Lasertainment, had been using these air-supported structures as giant promotional screens. Big Igloo suggested actually putting the people "inside." Robert is ready to go when we are...

Brian Vox

Brian came to us through the great futurist visionary Jacque Fresco. He updated the illustrated rendition of Big Igloo. He's given a much needed "look" to the whole affair, that is now inspiring investors.

David Hatcher Childress

David is your quintessential world explorer. His publishing house Adventures Unlimited is an inspiration to millions. Currently gearing up a movie studio in his home town of Kempton, south of Chicago, David suggested the Big Igloo vehicle fleet be built for and used in a Mad Max-like film soon to shoot in Arizona.

Michael Quinn

He is your guide through the world of Big Igloo, the man you need to conspire with to learn the deepest truths about the project. He is, and shall remain, the only man alive who Remy has taken into his confidence with all aspects of the project.

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